Admiral Raphael Semmes Statue Relegated to Museum


The historic statue of Admiral Raphael Semmes’ has been relegated to the Mobile History Museum, according to a spokeswoman for the Mayor’s office.

Upon inquiry last week, the Mayor’s office had assured that the removal was for the “monument’s protection” amid the ongoing unrest caused by the BLM movement. However, today the pretenses of protection are gone, as the Mayor’s office stated that it decided that the “way forward” was permanent removal of the monument and, in effect, the man it represents.

Sandy Stimpson, a Republican, ran on the platform of jobs and public safety. He has since shown himself to be a coward, caving to mobs that hardly even materialized. He maintains that the decision was the correct one:

“I have no doubt that moving the statue from public display was the right thing to do for our community going forward,” he said in a post. “The values represented by this monument a century ago are not the values of Mobile in 2020.”

With scallywags like this in office, no wonder the South is losing her soul.

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