Haley Hates Heritage (and Southerners)

Nikki Haley is the face of the New South: young, ambitious, and with a backbone that bends as the winds blow.
Haley recently spoke on the issue of the Confederate flag in an interview with Glenn Beck, and her measured words there drew heavy criticism from liberals and so-called conservatives. Ever mindful of whose back she needs to scratch and whose egos she needs to satisfy, Haley acted as modern-day politicians love to do when concerning those they are supposed to defend. At first she attempted to tackle the subject with a more nuanced view, saying there were two sides to the issue (for even Satan has a side, incorrect as it is, one supposes):

Bu then she spurns the South and its heroes and comes clearly down on the side of progressive Chamber-of-Commerce Republicanism and its leftist allies, saying:


With people like this in power, is it any wonder that the South is being decimated? Is this woman really presidential material? She hates the people she’s supposed to be representing. Of course, with the Chic-fil-a effect, the left will never be satisfied with mere negatives – they require, like sacrifice, more affirmative action for their altars, that one might prove his or her “wokeness” and thereby become admitted into the elect. It remains to be seen what further steps Haley will take to earn her place of acceptance.

For more information on this little debacle, Al Benson over at Reckonin’ Blog has a nice write up.

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