Stonewall Jackson Scholarship: An Example for Today

JacksonStandardBonnieBluePublishing Today is the birthday of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson (b. 1824), a man who, if piety was a rivalry, contested that of Lee himself. He was and remains one of the sharpest characters in Southern history. The Alabama Legislature has, since 1955, given rewards for those students who have, with ability and affinity, written upon the great Stonewall Jackson. The 1,500 – 2,500 word essay entries have a placing of 1st through 3rd, with the highest prise being $3,000. All high school seniors are eligible. Take the opportunity if y’all can, and pass the word to students!

“My religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death.”

If all that could be gleaned from the man was this one sentence relating his trust in Divine Providence, then assuredly we would know him to be great.

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