Stonewall Jackson Scholarship: An Example for Today

JacksonStandardBonnieBluePublishing Today is the birthday of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson (b. 1824), a man who, if piety was a rivalry, contested that of Lee himself. He was and remains one of the sharpest characters in Southern history. The Alabama Legislature has, since 1955, given rewards for those students who have, with ability and affinity, written upon the great Stonewall Jackson. The 1,500 – 2,500 word essay entries have a placing of 1st through 3rd, with the highest prise being $3,000. All high school seniors are eligible. Take the opportunity if y’all can, and pass the word to students!

“My religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death.”

If all that could be gleaned from the man was this one sentence relating his trust in Divine Providence, then assuredly we would know him to be great.


Yankee Arrogance

Yankees from Wisconsin are currently telling Alabamians that they cannot host a “prayer caravan.” They state that allowing prayer will

alienate non-religious members of the Cullman County Schools community and inject religion into what should be a secular public school system.

The Wisconsin-based organisation’s name says it all: Freedom From Religion. Secularism translates into atheism. No religions are to be allowed, no matter how overwhelming the support is for public prayer.

Just another reason to leave this failing Union before it’s too late.


Birmingham Official: Mayor’s Administration is Anti-white

One man is feeling the effects of what is called “reverse-racism” (better described as being “anti-white”). Supervisor Charles Yates of the Birmingham Public Works Department has stated that Mayor Bell wanted him gone, alleging that it is on the grounds of his being white:

Yates claims he was forced to take a lower-paying position and demeaned, including being told to stay out of City Hall or take a service elevator when in the building.

The trouble rests with Mayor Bell’s administration and its heavy handed tactics. Yates himself has stated that

Within days (of Mayor Bell’s taking office)…Chief of Operations Patton issued a directive forbidding me to appear in City Hall for any reason…I was instructed that should I be called to City Hall, I was to arrange for one of my subordinate supervisors to handle the call. Approximately two weeks later, Public Works Director Trone reminded me again that the Mayor’s Office did not want to see my face at City Hall.

Yates references his role in a suit against the city for Virginia Spidle, a 24-year old city accountant who was wrongly fired on charges of racism. When a board of inquiry cleared her and reinstated her position, the city once again fired her, alleging incompetence. The lawsuit to keep her job charged:

Despite protestations by plaintiff and other Caucasian employees, a racially charged hostile work environment was instigated, encouraged and condoned by top city officials, specifically Mayor Bell and Chief of Operations, Jarvis Patton


   I want to thank the King Center for opening its doors to us and for continuing to embrace Dr. King’s philosophy and strategy of nonviolence to eliminate racism- Mayor William Bell

It was reported that

During the period that plaintiff was being subjected to race-based discrimination, other supervisors, who are Caucasian, were reporting similar discriminatory treatment altering the terms and conditions of their employment.

Yates states that his connection to the Spidle suit, though minor, was enough to feel repercussions by Bell and his aides:

While I am not a plaintiff in the Spidle litigation, I did assist and actively participate in this litigation by reporting similar acts of racial discrimination to which I had been subjected during the same time period. The discrimination that I endured was hurtful and took a toll on my health over the years.

Yates also alleges that he was pressured by one of Bell’s staff to recant from his role in the Spidle inquiry:

Patton questioned me about allegations in the Spidle complaint that were attributed to me though my name was not mentioned in the complaint. Patton repeatedly asked me to concede that he had treated me ‘right.’ This I could not do and would not do. Indeed Patton knew full well that it was contrary to what I revealed in the Spidle complaint


Virginia Spidle and Charles Yates are currently pursing federal lawsuits against the city, stating that white employees are routinely maligned by Bell’s Administration. How that will play out in a Federal environment, one can only wonder.