Dance of the Double Standard


If this year has shown anything, it’s that a deep-seated double standard exists in the United States.

Liberal elites like Ta-Nehisi Coats love to lecture us (and make money) on the evils of slavery and its lingering effects on the United States today. But the same man names his own son after an Africa slave trader, Samori Ture. Take-away? Slavery is morally acceptable depending on who is doing the enslaving.

You are forbidden from gathering your extended family together for the funeral of a loved one. But John Lewis, liberal icon, can pack a church full of folks.

The government forbids you  from working because you are told you have to slow the spread of the Corona virus, and the chances of spreading that virus are too great to allow you to earn a living. But the government allows left-leaning political activists to march in the tens of thousands and tells us that these people don’t spread the virus. 

There is a long list of double-standards one could critique, but none displays a greater potential for destruction than the media’s constant fixation on certain black deaths.

A black man, George Floyd, is killed in Minneapolis by a white policeman, and this is taken as proof positive of the endemic racism of white America through the actions of its modern-day stormtroopers. By the picture given, one would think that police exclusively killed black males and these on sight.

But that’s not the case.

When police kill white men or women in similarly questionable circumstances, as they did to Justine Ruszczyk, Daniel Shaver, and Ryan Whitaker, the media barely makes a peep. These flukes occur, but they are not the result of the more serious deep-seated persecution that blacks face at the hands of police, they say, due to “systemic racism.” The presence of this original sin is what makes the Floyd killing different from that of Shaver.

But how much of “systemic racism” exists, if at all? It’s an unfalsifiable concept, and the proofs of its existence are shaky at best. Is it a narrative built up for the benefit of the powers-that-be? Recent events suggest so. While the death of George Floyd prompted a orgy of violence and closed-rank action of media, government, and mob, other tragic deaths have gone without notice. The death of Cannon Hinnant has been all but blacked out by the mainstream media, despite the horrific circumstances. If people are constantly fed the footage of George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown, but not that of Cannon Hinnant, or of Joyce Whaley, Patricia Nibbe, and Nettie Spencer, or of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, then they might indeed believe that there is some grand conspiracy to wipe out black America. But to the observant person, there is no such grand scheme. The liberal establishment can’t have people taking notes, though, so it labels any mention of a double-standard as a racist dog-whistle. Even the self-styled fact-checker Snopes (a liberal font of falsehood) runs interference.

The dance of 2020 continues with a double-step and a double-standard.

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