Freeing Forrest


General Nathan Bedford Forrest is now the subject of another attack upon his person and integrity. Predictably not contented with the destruction of a monument which bore his likeness and a park which bore his name, the Memphis City Council now removes Nathan Bedford Forrest from his very grave:

(CNN) The remains of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife will be removed from a Memphis park where a monument of him once stood.
The decision to move their remains came after the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a non-profit organization of male descendants of Confederate veterans, agreed to drop a pending lawsuit against park owners, according to CNN affiliate WREG.

Backing down in situations such as this only emboldens the American Taliban. While it is good that the SCV is able to relocate the bodies and gains the previously removed statues, Forrest is now gone from the public mind of Memphis and will no doubt be replaced by something insidious. What would have become of Forrest’s body had the SCV not been there to accept it? Progressives preach about human dignity, yet usually aren’t too reverent of human corpses.

Memphis will probably now enter a Golden era, where it will drop from the list of most dangerous cities of the United States (ranked #3 as of 2018). Perhaps it will even bring back to life the Memphis Chamber of Commerce CEO Phil Trenary who was murdered in downtown Memphis, or the three children killed earlier this year in drive-by shootings.

As the city sells off its own property to questionable private corporations, one wonders if Forrest’s move might actually be his freeing after all.

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