Facebook Interference

Facebook puts on the mask of impartiality, but is it actually influencing the ideas that appear on people’s webpage? The answer is undoubtedly yes:

During a recent speech, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that the social media company chose to block American pro-life groups from running ads on Ireland’s abortion referendum last year despite being under no legal obligation to do so.

Facebook, Google, Netflix, and Twitter continue to corral the public mind on the internet, crushing the speech they see to be problematic and intolerant.

During that election, leading up to that referendum, a bunch of pro-life American groups advertised in this Irish, leading up to this Irish election, to try to influence public opinion there,” Zuckerberg said. “And we went to the Irish, and asked folks there, ‘how do you want us to handle this? You have no laws on the books that are relevant for whether we should be allowing this kind of speech in your election, and really this doesn’t feel like the kind of thing that a private company should be making a decision on.’

Needless to say Facebook sided with the Culture of Death and censored the pro-life advertisements, despite Ireland not having any laws prohibiting such groups from acting as they did.

Remember, Big Tech is watching.

And judging.

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