Happy Washington-Jefferson Day!

It’s important to maintain sectional pride. One way of doing so is to prioritise some things over others – our own culture against the foreign. The Union is so expansive (and expanding) that this becomes a necessity if any preservation of Southern culture is to withstand the withering effects of consolidating modernity.

One way the State of Alabama has seen fit to do so is in the celebration of Washington-Jefferson Day. Note that Alabama does not celebrate “President’s Day” per se, but instead focuses on two Southerners who had a mighty impact (possibly some of the greatest) in the history of the Union. Al.Commie, the progressive standard of Alabama media, recently highlighted the fact that Abe Lincoln was “excluded” from our President’s Day celebration. Ignoring the fact that all but two Presidents are “excluded,” the New York owned company calls this a vestige of War hatred. Should Southerners not be free to celebrate what we will without dictates from others? Is our worth in the Union to be decided by forced utterances? Not all Presidents are worthy of praise and honour (to do so would be to deify the elected office). Should Lincoln, Grant, LBJ, or Obama be celebrated by the State of Alabama? Certainly not. We should rightly resist any efforts to make Alabama fall into cookie-cutter conformity with the rest of the States.

Happy Washington-Jefferson Day!

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