March for Life Mobile

The March for Life in Mobile, Alabama, kicked off today at 9 am. Well over 500 people were present for the demonstration, which followed Mass and speeches. Leaving from the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, a wide path was cut through downtown Mobile.

Public response was overwhelmingly positive – people waved from balconies, cars honked, and construction workers shouted praises.

A very large turnout came from Catholic grade and middle schools in the Bay region. This speaks to the importance of formation – had these same been in public schools, their presence at the event would have been doubtful.

Overall, the experience was hopeful. There is still in the South overwhelming opposition to abortion, which only exists in Alabama by imposition from governments abroad.

Let us all pray for an end to this modern-day Baalism, and take heart in the efforts of others seeking the restoration of the culture of life.

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