Confederate Flag of I-75 & I-4


Confederate Flag near Mango, Florida


Today, the 2nd of April, is the day the Richmond was evacuated by the South after the strangulating siege of Petersburg. The second Capital of the Confederacy would never be reclaimed by the Southern armies. Likely, after such a loss, some doubted whether the Confederate flag would still fly across the beloved Southland, which had seen so much blood spilt out upon her in its defense.

There is a Confederate Flag still flying, however, far from Richmond and Virginia. If one has ever travelled south to Ft Meyers from Tallahassee, one has undoubtedly seen it – a little bit of defiance to the powers that be, a display of rebellion against the modern plague of cultural despoilers.

The little hopes are what makes a man in his lifetime. Far be it from him to believe himself planned for any great things – it is in the smallest of deeds where he makes his mark in the world. This flag which waves above all, and especially to those often stuck in Tampa traffic, serves as a reminder that this was and is the South. Richmond in our hands or not, she continues to exist.



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