The Need for Southern Content

RebelYellFaceSoutherners are, arguably, the most creative of all peoples on the North American continent. We have a love for history and tradition which carries down through the ages like the blood which passes through our veins. It permeates and pulsates in the world around us, yet it is hard for one to put it to words when attempting. It has produced the wondrous and often weird works of Edgar Allen Poe and Flannery O’Connor, the high-minded, civilised solemnities of Augusta Evans Wilson, and the ponderous, poetic passages of Father Abram Ryan and James Ryder Randall. Even the pulp hero Conan the Barbarian finds his roots in the Texan Robert E. Howard.

Lately, however, the world seems to be lacking in Southern content when its need is most pressing. Every day we are inundated with cheap and glitzy Hollywood horrors – a cgi sheen disguising some monstrous and amoral message. Popular literature is largely a wasteland (with the exception of the good folks over at Shotwell Publishing), and it makes one wonder how the tastes of the public could have plummeted so dramatically in the past few decades. Where are the Southern artists and creators? It is they, not any political party, who will first shape the minds and souls of the new generations of the South. It is they who will be carried on in the minds of the people long after that same mind ceases to consider the political polemics in which we necessarily engage.

There are some, like Lewis Liberman at the Abbeville Blog, who recognise the problem and warn accordingly:

To be fair, modern Southerners have certainly made solid attempts to tell great stories about our heroes and history, whether through movies like Copperhead or Gods and Generals. But how such movies resonated with younger and more impressionable audiences might be debatable. Especially when compared with revisionist historical hits like 2012’s Django Unchained, which grossed over $425 million worldwide and featured the story of a man as he violently murdered his way across a predictably “evil” South. Meanwhile, Spielberg’s highly acclaimed Lincoln was much praised for it’s depiction of a “saintly” Abraham Lincoln reigning over nearly a million men, women and children dead – and was nominated for 12 Academy Awards. And while the 2012 flick Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter may not have been well-funded or carefully crafted propaganda of the prior two movies, it still grossed around $115 million domestically and worldwide, and was probably best known for a portrayal of Lincoln once again saving the blessed Union…except this time from a monstrous and blood-thirsty South.

And we wonder why some people are tearing down our veterans monuments, and ironically censoring the beautiful art it represents.

It seems we’ve ceded the favourable ground to the enemy and devoted much of our Southern content to cultivating questionable mudflaps. We need heroes and examples. We need stories.

One recent and ongoing attempt is from the creator ElectricDinosaur. This particular creator has made a Southern superhero, Rebel Yell, complete with a Confederate-flag costume. It’s a comic book aimed at Southerners. The creator attempted to get the project funded through the Kickstarter crowdfunding site, but was met with only ill-will. He relates an email he received from the Kickstarter “Integrity” Team banning his work:


The fact that they deride ElectricDinosaur for “fail[ing] to meet Kickstarter’s spirit of inclusivity” while banning him for merely showing a flag is both laughable and worrying. You can support ElectricDinosaur’s attempts to get the first issue printed by buying a copy at Freestartr.

There are creators out there. They just need our support. As Liberman concludes:

Hollywood and other leftists have the aesthetic, but their content is usually garbage. Anyone seeking to communicate truth to a large audience needs to have both. And there really is no excuse, because we have the truth – as well as a LOT of talented people in our community. Southern musicians, artists, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, sculptors, game developers, poets, entrepreneurs and more are all more than likely ready and able to help out in trying to find ways to strategize and effectively get what’s true and valuable into our communities, and maybe even the world. So let’s network, roll up our sleeves and get to work! 










Southern Drawl – Acceptance


Pope Drives Alabama Car

 It only makes sense. His Holiness’ new Popemobile is made by Mercedes-Benz’s manufacturing base in Alabama. The former Pope, H.H. Benedict XVI, also possessed a Popemobile made in Alabama. Comments on the web are very favourable, with this one summing it up perfectly:

TheRealDanielDyas: That is something to be proud of! Congratulations to Alabama, Tuscaloosa County and Mercedes!

Let’s Pray Pope Francis enjoys His new ride!


Southern Drawl- Adoption and Sodomy


And, yes, a Sodomite couple is accused of raping their adopted kids in Connecticut.

Absolutely no connection that the “couple” was two men and all their “kids” were boys.

Crowe’s Contradiction


Once again that symbol of the New South is drumming up support for progressive measures. This time he rides his stallion in defense of Sodomites adopting children.

Now, despite both research and common sense showing that both a mother and a father are necessary for the full formation of a child’s mind (and heck, the body for that matter), Crowe thinks it is just as good to pass off children to Sodomites. If they want to have children, “marrying” someone who is incapable of producing children isn’t just stupid- it’s selfish. But the worst of it is Crowe is masking anti-Family attacks in pro-life wordage.

The pool of adoptive parents grows every time a same-sex couple marries and wants to start a family. And the more loving couples that are willing to adopt, the more options there are for unwanted children.

But are they good options, Mr. Crowe? No, it is a novelty and a revulsion against both mankind and his traditions.

Then Mr. Crowe goes all out, saying

The gay and lesbian community, being evil, open-minded and all, have led the way in adopting toddlers and children over the age of 6. They have also shown love for mixed-race and special needs children.

They have “led the way”? How much of the population do they comprise? Between 1 and four percent, at most. How do they compare against normal persons’ adoption rates? From where does Mr. Crowe draw his conclusions? They are far from “open-minded,” and anything but pro-life.  Compare lesbian journalist Masha Gessen’s words with those Crowe invents in his head:

It’s a no-brainer that (homosexual activists) should have the right to marry, but I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist.…Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there — because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie. The institution of marriage ….I don’t think it should exist. And I don’t like taking part in creating fictions about my life

Or how about French lesbian leader Nathalie de Williencourt admission:

…a silent majority…don’t have any desire to marry nor to adopt.

Did Crowe mention that, according to studies, Sodomite teens are 5 times as likely to end their own lives, or that Sodomite men are 50 times more likely to contract AIDS?

But Mr. Crowe won’t listen. He’s a flower child of the New South. But even Mr. Crowe can out-do himself. His most laughable statement this week?

Same-sex marriage is good free market family values policy.

If you believe that, you’re betting off eating crow.

Having forbidden all unlawful marriage, and all unseemly practice, and the union of women with women and men with men, he [God] adds: `Do not defile yourselves with any of these things; for in all these things the nations were defiled, which I will drive out before you. And the land was polluted, and I have recompensed [their] iniquity upon it, and the land is grieved with them that dwell upon it’ [Lev. 18:24-25].

Eusebius of Caesarea, Proof of the Gospel

We are in the Right

While others utter anti-Alabamian inanity, calling the South “redeemed racists” (I’m looking at you, J.D. Crowe), it is important to remember that this is a victory. And in no way must we sully our forefathers to bask in it.