U.S. Response to Jihad?


It should be an important lesson to Southerners the South over to witness the great disparity in treatment that they have received in comparison to the Islamic community of the United States. While Southern symbols were banned by both Federal and State governments (usually by Scallywag Republicans betraying their voters), the symbols of Islam have been allowed to fly freely. While Southern symbols have been banned by mega-corporations, these same corporations see no problem in representing the signs of Islam.

It is the perfect juxtaposition; the South’s St Andrew’s Cross compared with the Islamic world’s ISIS flag. Both are battle-flags, only one has received public outcry.

The tragedy in Tennessee has served to show Southerners the blind hatred that the U.S. government and media have for their identity. This act was not representative of Islam, they maintain, even while Jihadists slay countless persons in Libya, Nigeria, France, and now Tennessee. While the actions of Roof were solely his own, how can the repeated acts of violence from countless Islamists go without condemnation? Why the double standard to Southerners, the lack of civility?

The lesson? The United States government, indeed, most of the Republican Party, cannot be trusted to treat the South in a fair manner. They would rather see Dixians displaced by men like Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez and witness the horror that follows than allow for the South’s interests to represented. After all, radical relativism and radical Islam are both edges to the same evil sword striking against the South.

Just as the acts of ISIS’ destruction of Assyrian monuments is an affront to the ancient Christian minority there, so also should the U.S. attacks on the South be seen as nothing less than our attempted genocide.


SPLC Terrorist Convicted


In a rather interesting turn of events, SPLC-inspired terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins II has been sentenced to 25 years in prison. He has confessed to several charges, the most notable being an act of terrorism with intent to kill. The SPLC, which routinely covers those heavy weight right-wing terrorists of the SSPX and the League of the South, has remained largely silent on their complicity in the Sodomite terrorist attack. An old “Hate Watch” article denies any responsibility, despite evidence, and actually turns on the FRC in the same piece. They even begin the article with:

In an era when non-Islamic terrorism in America comes predominantly from the extreme right…

Factual reporting, thy name is not SPLC. How would they know that so-called “right” terrorism outweighs left terrorism when they admit to not covering leftist terrorism? :

We’re not really set up to cover the extreme Left.

But they just KNOW that righties commit more crimes than lefties. Like planning to blow up bridges. Right.

The article itself was watered-down wafer, using phrases like “unusual event,” “apparently sympathetic to LGBT people,” and “demonizing…gay people,” to undermine the hard-bioled fact that the SPLC motivated Corkins to go on a terror/hate spree:

The SPLC has also recently attacked Michael Cushman of the Southern Nationalist Network and Peter Gemma, a new chairman for the Constitution Party. One wonders whether they will soon feel the wrath of a hate-group’s hate as the FRC has.

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Mass Shootings & Hypocrisy


People were going about their business in town- no one expected a shooting rampage to occur. Suddenly, a gunmen, appearing out of nowhere, began firing into the crowds. A witness stated:

They shot and killed people. I heard gunshots and then I saw three bodies lying in the…street

Havoc ensued, with people running this way and that for their lives. Security forces returned fire, killing the gunmen.  The President appears before his country, proclaiming that

When they have arms and the opportunity to inflict havoc, they would never submit…(They) have used (force) against our soldiers and civilians

Sound familiar? This wasn’t in Washington D.C. It occurred in Maaloula, Syria, where Christians are currently being killed at the barrels of Federal guns. Aaron Alexis, a Buddhist and government contractor, went on a shooting spree in Washington D.C. leaving 12 people dead and many more wounded. While people continue to mourn those lost in the Navy Yard, we should keep in mind that fellow Christians are suffering that same fate on a daily basis. Except this fate is being imposed by those who would grieve the Navy Yard tragedy. Obama, by waiving a Federal law preventing the arming of known terrorists groups, has even acknowledged what he is doing.

The President, despite his hand killing defenseless Christian overseas, has now called for “harsher gun laws” in the States. These are expected to be implemented by executive order, a style typical to Obama and the Federal government. Court Jester Jay Carney whines:

The president supports, as do an overwhelming majority of Americans, common-sense measures to reduce gun violence

Senator Feinstein (D-Cal.), who supports almost every evil known to man, also harped the liberal chorus:

Congress must stop shirking its responsibility and resume a thoughtful debate on gun violence in this country. We must do more to stop this endless loss of life

“Where is President Obama to see what befallen on us?” one Syrian Christian asked.

“Arming Jihadists with assault weapons and missiles while calling for gun control in the States,” came the answer.

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