Mobile Council Sides with U.S. Imperialism?

Imperialism may be defined as one nation extending its power and culture over another’s to the point where the subjugated has little control over its own history or ways, these being supplanted by the conqueror’s narrative. While many good, moral empires have existed (including, but not limited to, the Austrian,  Portuguese, and Spanish Empires), the present-day “United” States would hardly fit into that category. Instead, this Empire sees fit to destroy the history and identity of the very people it claims to represent. Many times it finds useful puppets (like Bentley the Scallywag) to further this end. The Mobile City Council is such a puppet:

 The Mobile City Council voted Tuesday to remove the Confederate flag and other banners from the official seal of city government following complaints that the Old South symbol depicted racism and intolerance.

The 6-0 vote, from which one member abstained, means only the U.S. flag will remain on the seal of the port city. A version of the Confederate national flag and four other historic flags will be taken off.

As the above article relates, only the United States flag will remain on the City of Semme’s seal. This is very telling, showing that these traitors have little interest in preserving Alabama’s Little Rome from the scourges of U.S. Imperialism. The message: we are not Southerners, but “Americans.” While the self-described “progressive” council seeks to be seen as inclusive, it becomes intolerant of the very thing that made it great.


It is important not to become discouraged by the actions of high-handed individuals like these. While they seek to eradicate us from existence, we should realise that this decision resulted from a vote of seven persons in a city of 200,000 souls- hardly representative.

To drop a quick reminder of who employs whom, you may reach the Mobile City Council at the following number:  Phone: (251) 208-7441



Islamists to Build School, Mosque in West Mobile

The Prophet is coming to Mobile. A proposed Mosque/school will soon be placed in West Mobile, near the campus of the University of South Alabama. The move has rightly alarmed some residents of the area, but the local council has decided to allow the building to proceed.

It is doubtful that Southerners will attend an Islamic school, so the Mosque/school will surly rely on transplants from elsewhere to sustain themselves. This means an even bigger wedge in Southerners’ attempts to restrict immigration, especially that from third word countries, where the bulk of Moslems reside.

More importantly, the Mohammedians bring with them a religion and mind-set that is completely hostile to Christendom. Alabama was firstly a Catholic state, where French missionaries carved out Christian holdings from Dauphin Island to Wetumpka. Mobile served as the hub for Catholicism in the Deep South well into the establishment of New Orleans. Many martyrs, especially the Jesuits, were made in the conversions of the native tribes.  Are their sacrifices to have been made in vain? Will the foundation of Alabama be undermined by Islam and all it’s false teachings? Is this the first step to dhimmitude? Will Alabamians become the new Copts and Assyrians, destined to live under the oppressive heel of Muhammadanism in our own homeland?

We must stand up and oppose this.




For constant updates on the barbaric practices and abuses of Islam, check out the site Jihad Watch.

150 Years of Carolinian Ingenuity and Alabamian Workmanship


It’s 150 years ago today since the CSS Hunley sank the USS Housatonic off the Charleston Harbour in 1864. It was the first submarine to sink a ship in the history of the world. The CSS Hunley was constructed at the Park & Lyons Machine Shop in Mobile, from whence it was shipped to South Carolina. There, it made history and pioneered the future.

Amazingly, some ‘news’ outlets aren’t covering the historic occasion. On those that do, anti-Southern commenters berate giving the Hunley any glory time. Some say this only “reminds the South” of this and that.

Utterly amazing.  The Hunley displays just what an independent South is capable of producing. And it continues to scare Yankees to this day.

St. Andrew’s News Exclusive- Governor Bentley Discusses Job Growth

St. Andrew’s News first exclusive news clip. Here, a citizen discusses job growth in Monroeville, Alabama, during the Governor’s visit on the 30th of July, 2013.

Alabama News Now Overseen by Non-Alabamian

The news today has an obvious bias to it. Large conglomerates- mainly operating out of the wealthy sectors of the Northeast- snatch up the small news outlets. Today, there is very little, if any, newspaper in Alabama that is actually owned by an Alabamian. Gone are the days of William Lowndes Yancey (a Southron who owned his own newspaper, the Wetumpka Argus).

It has been announced that a Michigan man is to be placed as President over a slew of historically Alabamian newspapers and websites, most notably the Mobile Press-Register:

As president, Sharp will oversee the operations of Alabama Media Group, which includes, The Birmingham News, the Press-Register in Mobile, The Huntsville Times, the Mississippi Press and

The former employer of Sharp, Michiganer Dan Gaydou, stated:

Matt’s passion and vision will be a win for Alabama…He enjoys people, thrives on creativity and innovation and knows how to lead with his friendly, outgoing personality. I’m sure the people of Alabama will learn quickly what a terrific asset he’ll be.

Some readers didn’t seem so optimistic, and pointed out the absurdity of the move:

slagheapvillager: Second key hire that knows nothing about the area and has no ties to the state. 

tidesinn: We have no say, and he will do as he is instructed. He is just another media enemy of the state, like most members of the Media.

coastal: Based on the leftward tilt of and Joey Kennedy given the freedom to trash everything that is the State of Alabama, is Mr. Sharp a Communist, Socialist, or just a Progressive Democrat? It’s obvious moderates and conservatives are not welcome on staff or management.

Eugene T. Chiznik: Welcome Matt: now learn the numbers:
1-9-6-3. your all set for your job now.


What is needed today are reliable, first-hand accounts by newspapers and websites, staffed and operated by Alabamians who have a true desire to see their country flourish and prosper. Perhaps in the future that will come about. Until then, we at St. Andrews’ News are always here, trying to do our best.

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