Mobile Council Sides with U.S. Imperialism?

Imperialism may be defined as one nation extending its power and culture over another’s to the point where the subjugated has little control over its own history or ways, these being supplanted by the conqueror’s narrative. While many good, moral empires have existed (including, but not limited to, the Austrian,  Portuguese, and Spanish Empires), the present-day “United” States would hardly fit into that category. Instead, this Empire sees fit to destroy the history and identity of the very people it claims to represent. Many times it finds useful puppets (like Bentley the Scallywag) to further this end. The Mobile City Council is such a puppet:

 The Mobile City Council voted Tuesday to remove the Confederate flag and other banners from the official seal of city government following complaints that the Old South symbol depicted racism and intolerance.

The 6-0 vote, from which one member abstained, means only the U.S. flag will remain on the seal of the port city. A version of the Confederate national flag and four other historic flags will be taken off.

As the above article relates, only the United States flag will remain on the City of Semme’s seal. This is very telling, showing that these traitors have little interest in preserving Alabama’s Little Rome from the scourges of U.S. Imperialism. The message: we are not Southerners, but “Americans.” While the self-described “progressive” council seeks to be seen as inclusive, it becomes intolerant of the very thing that made it great.


It is important not to become discouraged by the actions of high-handed individuals like these. While they seek to eradicate us from existence, we should realise that this decision resulted from a vote of seven persons in a city of 200,000 souls- hardly representative.

To drop a quick reminder of who employs whom, you may reach the Mobile City Council at the following number:  Phone: (251) 208-7441



Bentley the Scallywag


Our Governor, Robert Bentley, has ordered the Confederate flag removed from the Capitol grounds. The man is an embarrassment and clearly does not represent the people of Alabama. Steps must be taken to ensure he is held accountable for this traitorous action and that the flags may be returned to their proper places.

Federal Judge Rules Against Alabama… Again

Federal Judges have once again struck down Alabamian law. This time it was against the “Alabama Women’s Health and Safety Act,” which required abortionists to have admitting privileges (like all other doctors) to local hospitals in order to perform abortions. Federal District Judge Myron Thompson not only halted the law by a lift of his finger, but insulted protestors opposed to his decision, crying that they “threaten economic destruction” and “violence” (amazing how a man promoting the disgusting practice of abortion harps against Christian sidewalk counselors like they are terrorists).


Federal Judge Myron Thompson cares nothing for Alabama.

Judge Thompson is a liberal poster child with a history of aggressiveness against Alabama and her people. Thompson was the second African judge to be appointed to his district, gaining that position in 1980 by way of Federal President Jimmy Carter. He has been lauded by liberals for his “rulings” which “dramatically changed how Alabama treats its employees and most vulnerable citizens.” Yellowhammer News calls Thompson “a long-time AEA ally who’s widely considered one of the most liberal judges in the state.” Thompson is best known for his ruling against Chief Justice Roy Moore in the 2002 case Glassroth v. Moore, which resulted in the removal of a Ten Commandments display from the Alabama Judicial Building.

In his typically weak-kneed counter, Governor Bentley said he was “extremely disappointed by today’s ruling.” While invoking the Sanctity of life, Gov. Bentley actually compromised on the issue, maintaining that abortions should only be done as a last possible effort to save the life of the mother.” In effect, rather than telling off the forces of evil and invoking both God and country (Alabama), the Governor has allowed the abortionists to “keep one foot in the door.” With abortion, there is no middle ground. It is never the answer.

Only leaders unafraid to answer their foes with clear, concise, and unflinching resolve will carry the day. Nullification, not subjugation, is the answer.

Shame for Adhering to God?


The liberals over at the Alabama Media Group have posted another article demonising Southerners.’s (affectionately referred to by many conservatives as “Al.Commie,”) John Archibald has poison penned a piece equating God-fearing Alabamians with Nazis. Where have we heard that before?

Mr. Archibald expresses his “pious” disdain for the Methodist Church enforcing it’s own dogma against the Yankee Talbert, who aims to wed two Sodomites in Birmingham.

Mr. Archibald, not merely content to defame Southerners, also hates his own religion. He says quite plainly:

…I’m ashamed of being a Methodist. In Alabama.

Like Joey Kennedy, one wonders why they remain in a country they despise so much. Alabama would certainly be much better off if they would flee to those bastions of perversity in the North.

The article itself is devoid from any semblance of an an argument. Archibald doesn’t event attempt to make a cohesive case. He states:

Wallace-Padgett (of the North Alabama Methodist Church) issued another statement urging Bishop Talbert to reconsider, hammering him for disregarding a church law, and blah blah blah.

Archibald’s article is summed up, blah blah blah. It a piece designed to tap in to the ingrained notion of “absolute equality” of society, regardless of how incompatible it is. But this itself is not even applicable upon closer scrutiny, as Sodomites have the same rights everyone else possesses anyway. But he continues on with his theologically bankrupt fluff as he tries to drag the Southern Methodist Church into the errors of Modernism which have afflicted it’s Northern counterparts so heavily.


In the process of his sugary sweet, Alabama-hating rant, Archibald does find time to squeeze in mentions of MLK, Jr., flying spaghetti monsters, and, interestingly enough, Saint Augustine. What has this Great Saint, a champion of the Christian Church, said on the matter?

“(T)hose shameful acts against nature, such as were committed in Sodom, ought everywhere and always to be detested and punished. If all nations were to do such things, they would be held guilty of the same crime by the law of God, which has not made men so that they should use one another in this way.” Saint Augustine, “Confessions”

That’s the word, Archie.

++++++++++++ Other News ++++++++++++

—- Mayor Bloomberg of New York has funneled as much as 1.1 million dollars into the Virginia Governor’s race in an attempt to beat out pro-marriage and pro-life conservative Ken Cuccinelli. Bloomberg supports the progressive Democratic candidate, Terry McAuliffe.

—-  A Catholic Archbishop has barred Sodomites with the intent of passing “homosexual marriage reforms” from publicly saying the Rosary within the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. His Lordship, the Bishop of  Springfield, Illinois, stated that their attempted act was blasphemy, and that

Jesus clearly taught that marriage as created by God is a sacred institution between a man and a woman.

—- Sodomite activists recently attacked His Grace, Archbishop Andrè-Joseph Leonard of Brussels, for his proclamation of Church Teaching.

Texas Bucks Feds


Texas has once again stood up to the intrusions by the Federal government. When ordered to provide marriage benefits to Sodomite couples in the Texas Military Forces, the Lone Star State balked:

Texas Military Forces must adhere with Texas law and the Texas Constitution, which clearly define marriage as between one man and one woman

What Texas has stated here is that their own Constitution trumps any Federal mandate. Governor Rick Perry, by ordering the Texas Military to ignore the Fed, has in essence nullified the central government’s order. This is a great precedent that will hopefully be imitated by other States, and one that logically leads to secession.

Jeff Sessions Makes Feminists’ Anti-woman List


Sen. Jeff Sessions has made the National Organization for Women’s “Rights Offenders” Politician List. Also listed were Governor Rick Perry and Rep. Trent Franks. A politician who has marginalized and offended women more than any other since Clinton, but was conspicuously absent? Former Rep. Anthony Weiner.

It just goes to show that the NOW doesn’t care about women’s rights, but is only seeking to undermine truth and bludgeon its political opponents. Because of that, Senator Sessions should wear his mention as a badge of honour.

St. Andrew’s News Exclusive- Governor Bentley Discusses Job Growth

St. Andrew’s News first exclusive news clip. Here, a citizen discusses job growth in Monroeville, Alabama, during the Governor’s visit on the 30th of July, 2013.