Alabama League of the South Rally – Montgomery



Big happenings in Alabama:


The League of the South will protest the SPLC – Southern Poverty Law Center’s lawsuit seeking to overturn Alabama laws that prevent the recognition of same-sex marriages from other States.

When: Friday May 9th 11:00am – 1:00pm

Where: SPLC headquarters 400 Washington Ave., Montgomery, AL

From Dr. Michael Hill:

“Marriage is the God-ordained union between a man and woman. It cannot be otherwise and still be called ‘marriage.’ What the State of Alabama is seeking to do is to protect that blessed union from being perverted by something God Himself has called an ‘abomination.’ The SPLC has aligned itself with the forces that seek to overturn God’s institution and destroy the family–the building block of our civilization. The League of the South stands with the State of Alabama and her good citizens who wish to uphold the long-standing Christian traditions of marriage and the family.”

Contact: Dr. Michael Hill
League Of The South




SPLC Terrorist Convicted


In a rather interesting turn of events, SPLC-inspired terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins II has been sentenced to 25 years in prison. He has confessed to several charges, the most notable being an act of terrorism with intent to kill. The SPLC, which routinely covers those heavy weight right-wing terrorists of the SSPX and the League of the South, has remained largely silent on their complicity in the Sodomite terrorist attack. An old “Hate Watch” article denies any responsibility, despite evidence, and actually turns on the FRC in the same piece. They even begin the article with:

In an era when non-Islamic terrorism in America comes predominantly from the extreme right…

Factual reporting, thy name is not SPLC. How would they know that so-called “right” terrorism outweighs left terrorism when they admit to not covering leftist terrorism? :

We’re not really set up to cover the extreme Left.

But they just KNOW that righties commit more crimes than lefties. Like planning to blow up bridges. Right.

The article itself was watered-down wafer, using phrases like “unusual event,” “apparently sympathetic to LGBT people,” and “demonizing…gay people,” to undermine the hard-bioled fact that the SPLC motivated Corkins to go on a terror/hate spree:

The SPLC has also recently attacked Michael Cushman of the Southern Nationalist Network and Peter Gemma, a new chairman for the Constitution Party. One wonders whether they will soon feel the wrath of a hate-group’s hate as the FRC has.

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SPLC to Host Movie in Montgomery


The all-knowing and all-seeing SPLC is scheduled to display the movie “Valentine Road.” The film covers the story of Lawrence King and Brandon McInerney, a sad tale that could and should have been avoided.

Lawrence King, at the young age of 14, continually came to jr. high school dressed as and playing the part of a woman.  Brandon McInerney was a kid from an abusive home. King is known to have sexually harassed McInerney on multiple occasions. McInerney, after being failed by the school, shot King one day in class. Media hysteria followed, calling King a “martyr” with McInerney suddenly labeled a “white supremacist.” After an initial mistrial, McInerney was convicted of second degree murder and is currently serving a sentence of 21 years in prison. The case wound it’s way on the SPLC’s “Hate Incidents,” (no Family Research Council shooting yet mentioned). But the SPLC makes King out to be a stainless lamb. That is far from the truth.

The SPLC is glorifying a sexual harasser. King was not an innocent bystander of what occurred- he was an active participant of it. The prosecution acknowledged that the day before the shooting King quipped, “I love you, baby,” to McInerney.  According to Newsweek, King had been proclaiming himself a Sodomite since the age of 10. He had a history of theft and vandalism. He ” thought nothing of chasing the boys around the school in (women’s clothes and make-up), teetering as he ran.”  King said after flirting with boys, “It’s fun to watch them squirm.” King would tell the boys in the locker rooms they “look hot,” when changing. He would follow them into the bathroom to continue his harassment. He had been described as a “troubled child who flaunted his sexuality and wielded it like a weapon.”

Lawrence King began singling Brandon McInerney out for his attention:

 Larry told one of his close friends that he and Brandon had dated but had broken up. He also said that he’d threatened to tell the entire school about them, if Brandon wasn’t nicer to him. Quest, Brandon’s defense attorney, says there was no relationship between Larry and Brandon, and one of Larry’s teachers says that Larry was probably lying to get attention.

King went on to interrupt a basketball game to give McInerney a valentine. A witness stated McInerney alluded to shooting King in the future.


An assistant principal and militant Sodomite, Joy Epstein, is known to have been King’s mentor at this time. When told to do something like wash his face of make-up, he was known to reply along the line of, “Ms. (sic) Epstein said it’s my civil right.” Larry’s father said Epstein “started to confuse her role as a junior-high principal…..I think that she was asserting her beliefs for gay rights.” The defense for MicInerrey called Epstein “a lesbian vice principal with a political agenda.” An email sent out to staff addressing the issue of Larry’s behaviour was undoubtedly written under the guide of Epstein:

We have a student on campus (Lawrence King) who has chosen to express his sexuality by wearing make-up. It is his right to do so. Some kids are finding it amusing, others are bothered by it. As long as it does not cause classroom disruptions he is within his rights. We are asking that you talk to your students about being civil and non-judgmental. They don’t have to like it but they need to give him his space. We are also asking you to watch for possible problems. If you wish to talk further about it please see me or Ms. (sic) Epstein.

Rocky, Larry King’s brother, did have a problem:

I went up to her (Epstein) at lunchtime. I said, ‘Ms. Epstein, can you stop Larry from dressing like a girl? The kids are saying since Larry is gay, I must be gay, too, because I’m his brother.’

But Miss Epstein wouldn’t do anything about- she had a protege and a point to prove. During the trial, history teacher Arthur Saenz testified that the day before the shooting,

he noticed King “parading” back and forth in high-heeled boots and makeup near a bench where McInerney was sitting after school waiting to be picked up. A group of boys was laughing as McInerney grew visibly angry. Epstein…noticed the brewing problem and, from a distance, finger-wagged as if to say “no-no-no” to McInerney.

Another teacher at the school, called Epstein out:

It (King’s behaviour) was reported (to Epstein), more than once, by more than one person. It was documented. There is paperwork on this. She kept saying that she didn’t know and she did. She knew. She did. Everybody knew.

McInerney’s father stated the obvious:

Brandon was being terrorized. He was being stalked almost, to the degree of the school should have never let this happen.

A teacher concluded,

We failed Brandon (McInerney). We didn’t know the bullying was coming from the other side—Larry was pushing as hard as he could, because he liked the attention.

But the SPLC doesn’t care if people are hurt. They’re just glad to have another “martyr,” and they’ll seek to exploit that-sans facts (like Matthew Shepard) -as much as they possibly can.

They are the Epstein of the South.

Choice is Bad, Says SPLC


School choice apparently isn’t good enough for some people. The Southern Poverty Law Center is currently suing the State of Alabama in an effort to overturn the Alabama Accountability Act, which allows citizens to opt-out of failing schools and transfer to better schools, private or otherwise, with credits. But according to the SPLC, this idea of choice must be crushed:

…(T)he promise of the Alabama Accountability Act is an empty one…thousands of children in Alabama’s Black Belt, most of them African Americans below the poverty line, are trapped in failing schools and cannot take advantage of the Act…

According to the SPLC, if you’re on a sinking ship with only a few lifeboats, you should sink those lifeboats rather than take them. After all, we wouldn’t want anyone to be left behind, would we? Because those who are left behind don’t get a chance, we should deprive that chance of deliverance to others. It’s all sink and no safety.

The SPLC, whose self-proclaimed goal is to “fight hate and bigotry, and to seek justice for the most vulnerable members of society” has taken it upon themselves to overturn Alabamian law. They intend to do this by going to their comrades-in-ideology, the Federal government. And, considering the SPLC provides that same government with intelligence and “extremist training”, I wonder in whose favour the Fed will rule?

The SPLC’s suit, despite how idiotic, was expected here in Alabama. One State Senator, Bill Holtzclaw, said of the move:

 …(I)t’s not surprising with the SPLC and their track record

In 2012, the SPLC was responsible for inciting a man to go on a shooting spree at the headquarters of the Family Research Council, injuring a black security guard. The FRC, despite the damage the SPLC caused them, still remains on the SPLC “Hate Watch” list. That’s how hypocrites roll.

The comments on National Public Radio (better known as “Nanny-state Propaganda Repackaged”) echo the egalitarian SPLC. One commenter didn’t even try to hide his Communist views:

David Doser: Like all things that threaten the laziness and entitlement of inherited wealth GOP filth – the concept of a free and public education available equally to everyone regardless of birth circumstances makes them AFRAID and HATEFUL!

So remember: Choice of school must give way to an equal outcome -regardless of how badly it hurts students.