PC Police Attack Pettus Bridge


The PC Police are on the march. The target this year for their outrage is the Edmund Pettus Bridge, named for Southern hero General Edmund Pettus, of Selma. A black woman named Brandi Hater, er, Hatter, has started a petition to change the name of General Edmund Pettus Bridge to something more reflective of the “equality” that the 1960s revolutionaries earned it. The Hater complains,

Unfortunately, the bridge is STILL named after a man who served as Grand Dragon of the Alabama Ku Klux Klan, was a Confederate General, and was later elected as a United States Senator.

The last part is the scary bit- U.S. Senator. Just those words send shivers down my spine. That other stuff- that he would risk life and limb in defense of his home in war and peace, and put his neck out on the line to ensure the political stability and dominance of Alabamians in Alabama – that sounds laudable, not embarrassing.

So far Hater’s petition has 130,000 signatures in support. The question is: what are true Alabamians going to do in response?


  1. Who are you to say that Brandi Hatter is notrue Alabamian? What are you a KKK Pseudo-Christian? Is this a real Christian post? Then if so, act like one. You even called her ” The Hater”. Very Christ like.

    • Alabamian proper refers to persons who not only have the blood of descent of an Alabamian (e.g., a Southerner), but also embraces its norms, values, and traditions- in short, its culture. Hater (sic)does not do that.
      As for the KKK comment, the KKK is a white nationalist group which has no true interests in seeing Alabama free. It is as comfortable with Yankee dominance as it is Southern, so long as they are white (which smacks of a universalism, and thus anti-nationalistic at heart).
      I would have to know to what presumably Protestant organisation you belong before responding to the last portion, but Our Lord was not all flowers and sunshine, which St. Matthew Chapter 21 bears out. There is a time for solemnity and sobriety, and even a time for sarcasm and wit, so long as it is directed towards a worthwhile goal.

      • And what goal do you have in mind? To stop a renaming or to scorn those how want to make a difference? Remember this Romans 8:28 “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” What is your righteous purpose? Your own righteousness or God’s righteousness? God is a God of peace not civil unrest. Fence what is your cause trying to say? About being Protestant. How dare you! We are of one church and one body who are you to divide us? Remember this also: Luke 11:17 “But he, knowing their thoughts, said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and a divided household falls.” Do not segregate God’s children. It is no better than what the KKK had done and before them the Nazis also. There is no denomination but one denomination, the body of Christ the Messiah.

      • In saying that God is “a God of peace not civil unrest,” I could take that and apply it to the 1960s Revolutionaries and their successors, who are today demanding the renaming of a bridge in the heart of Alabama from a Southern war hero to, in most probability, some anti-Southern, egalitarian-spouting Marxist.
        And St Matthew 7:21 makes it clear that certain peoples who profess Christ and not truly Christians. How can two conflicting opinions on such matters a justification, supercessionism, and Sacraments both be right and Christian?

      • How dare you! To lecture me on what is equal or not! You racist!
        I knew it in my soul that you were against being created equal. What do you see yourself as? Probably above everyone else. You are no better than John F. A. Sandford! A slave owner who took Dred Scott, an enslaved African-American to the free-states, where by law all slaves are to be set free, which the owner denied to Scott . Now who are yoo to say what is equal or not? Could I compare you to a pile of droppings? Hell no, it musn’t.

  2. I see that your pride is that you see yourself above everyone else.
    Let me ask this: Whose side are you on? The prejudiced or the unprejudiced. You decide.

    • ‘If the world is against right, then I am against the world.’ – St Athanasius of the Desert
      I am completely and whole-heartedly prejudiced against falsehood and its followers.

      • Then you are not a Christian! The Golden Rule you blind fool!
        If people are following falsehood you don’t ingnore them, but you should go to them and heal them. You gotten St. Anthanasius wrong.
        Whole-heartedly are you? Why so ignorant of the needy? You are not one of us. Begone and get behind me! Do not let the old dragon decieve you with dark thoughts, but be reconciled in both mind and spirit.

      • Are you my brother? I think not from one who is against his own created people!

      • “Own created people”…? To wish to preserve one’s own people through honourable means is not a bad thing. And to wish that preservation espouses preference for one over another, not to say the other is nothing at all.

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