HB31- Terror of the Totalitarians


HB31 is sending shivers through the spines of anti-Alabamians. The bill, introduced by Rep. Becky Nordgren, would

allow health care providers to decline to perform any health care service that violates their conscience and provide remedies for persons who exercise that right and suffer consequences as a result…

Sounds pretty decent. That would allow physicians who are opposed to killing a child (of fetal stage) in the womb to “opt out.” Choice- isn’t that what most liberals say they like? Everyone gets to choose?

Not according to David Edwards of Raw Story. To him, the bill allows

hospitals to turn away pregnant women who were experiencing a miscarriage

Now does Mr. Edwards really believe that a pro-life doctor would turn a woman away genuinely experiencing miscarriage? What an utter fool. Miscarriage is a sad thing, but Mr. Edwards is merely using it as a scare tactic in opposition to HB31. To him and many others abortion is always the answer. If a women says she has a miscarriage, which is is what Mr. Edwards implies, then by golly that doctor should acquiesce no questions asked. Never mind that in the United Kingdom more than 400 women told that they had a miscarriage did not, in fact, have one. This led many to abort their child. Not only that, but the methods used to determine miscarriage are dangerously inaccurate. Professor Basky Thilaganathan states:

(R)esearch shows that the current guidance on how to use ultrasound scans to detect a miscarriage may lead to a wrong diagnosis in some cases. Health professionals need clearer evidence-based guidance to prevent this happening

The article on Raw Story even alludes that HB31 exclusively deals with two subjects- cloning and miscarriage. “Anti-cloning bill” allows doctors to turn away “miscarrying women.” One would think they didn’t even read the bill. More likely, however, is a purposefully sensationalised title whipped up by trash-hounds to incite people. Journalism at it’s finest.

Not surprisingly, Raw Story calls upon that bastion of ill-will in Alabama, Al.com, to make their case. John Archibald states:

Good to know Alabama Legislators, who don’t seem to care much about feeding or educating people, are ready to protect them against forced cloning

Good deflection there, Johnny. The ad hominem attacks are a nice touch.

How can Mr. Edwards call out Alabamian legislators, many of whom contribute vast sums to charities, for their alleged inhumanity? Unless taxpayer money-under direction of the government-is used and abused, charity must not take place. What a strange mind to reason in such fashion.

Mr. Edwards clearly didn’t even read HB31. It defines health care services as :

 Any phase of patient medical care, treatment or procedure that is limited to abortion, human cloning, human embryonic stem cell research, and sterilization, and is related to: Patient referrals, counseling, therapy, testing, diagnosis or prognosis, research, instruction, prescribing, dispensing or administering any device, drug, or medication, surgery, or any other care or treatment rendered or provided by health care providers.

Cloning is only one of a slew of other issues. Choice is at the heart of the matter. Choice on whether a doctor or nurse would perform an abortion. And, despite Rep. Patricia Todd’s insistence, abortions are being forced upon health care providers.Liberals don’t want choice. They want abortions, welfare, warfare. “Equality,” “inclusiveness” and “choice” are just screens to cover their advances and intentions. If y’all want to know where they’re coming from, just read the comments on the Raw Story article. One “enlightened” individual even said that

this country needs to pass a law that says if you aren’t willing to do the job you were hired to do because of religious reasons you should immediately be fired with no recourse.

That puts everything in perspective.

Mr. Archibald, just like Raw Story, jumped on the bandwagon without any thought whatsoever. 

If you want to find out what a bill says, read it yourself. Certainly don’t take their words for it.

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