Happy Independence Day!


On the 11th of January, 2013, the State of Alabama seceded from the Union.

Alabamians have long possessed an ardent spirit that shows itself through the centuries. In the years preceding the War of 1861, William Lowndes Yancey established himself as the greatest fire-eater, or secessionist. This great Southron‘s words echo down to the modern day:

  To my countrymen of the South I have a few words here to say. Be true to your constitutional duties and rights. Be true to your own sense of right. Yield nothing of principle for mere party success—else you will die by the hands of your associates as surely as by the hand of your avowed enemy.

In years of horror following the war, Alabama continued to preserve it’s identity. One great Alabamian of this period was the Poet of the South, Father Abram Ryan.

20th Century Alabama has been the State most dedicated to halting the expansions of the Federal government. It was Alabama in the 1960s which recognised the encroachments of the Federals and put up fight more than any other. And it is the Alabama of today which, under the headship of our own Dr. Michael Hill, continues to strive for independence in the new age of Southern Nationalism.

Today St. Andrews News calls on all readers to invoke the name of Saint Andrew, our patron, to intercede for us to God that we might once again be free.


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