Al.Commie Critiques… Commies?

Someone is deviating from the norm over at the notoriously liberal Mr. Stan Diel has reported on a recent Pew Poll study which finds that the United States government is  increasingly hostile towards religion (codeword: Christianity):

The study…found that the U.S. government places a “moderate” level of restrictions on religious practices, and found increased social hostility toward religion in the U.S. beginning in 2009

For to post something that is even moderately objective is very rare. That it critiques the Federal government, enjoying such safety by media shielding, is also unexpected.

Mr. Diel also reports that Islamic and Communist countries experience the worst amount of anti-religious (codeword: anti-Christian) policies:

Nations with the most government restrictions on religion in 2012 included China, Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Is anyone really surprised that Marxists and Jihadists wield the government as a tool of terror? Well, maybe the heads will be when they read Mr. Diel’s article. is owned by Advance Publications, Inc., based out of New Jersey. is owned by Advance Publications, Inc., based out of New Jersey.


Happy Robert E. Lee Day!


Happy Robert E. Lee Day! Today we Alabamians (along with our sister-States Arkansas and Mississippi) celebrate General Robert E. Lee’s birthday (19th of Jan, 1807). Besides being one of the greatest military minds to have ever lived, Lee was the epitome of a Southern gentleman, one who should be emulated down through the ages. Surely in our South he is counted among the modern “Nine Worthies.”

But the forces of subversion have struck hard at this legendary man. They have sought to break the celebration of Lee by supplanting his holiday with the secular saint of the age- Martin Luther King, Jr. In this act they display their outright hostility towards the Southern people. Consider the in two instances the words of both Lee and King and how they are diabolically opposed:

Lee: God is our only refuge and our strength. Let us humble ourselves before Him. Let us confess our many sins and beseech Him to give us a higher courage, a purer patriotism, and a more determined will; that He will convert the hearts of our enemies; that He will hasten the time when war, with its sorrows and sufferings, shall cease, and that He will give us a name and place among the nations of the earth.

King: I endorse it (school prayer ban). I think it was correct. Contrary to what many have said, it sought to outlaw neither prayer nor belief in god. In a pluralistic society such as ours, who is to determine what prayer shall be spoken and by whom? Legally, constitutionally or otherwise, the state certainly has no such right.

Lee: With all my devotion to the Union and the feeling of loyalty and duty of an American citizen, I have not been able to make up my mind to raise my hand against my relatives, my children, my home. I have therefore resigned my commission in the Army, and save in defense of my native State, with the sincere hope that my poor services may never be needed, I hope I may never be called on to draw my sword…

King:(O)ur loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe, our class, and our nation. This means we must develop a world perspective

President Ronald Reagan signed MLK, Jr. day into law in spite of today being the South’s celebration . Why would a so-called conservative do this? Marcus Epstein at Lew Rockwell’s site has the answer:

Why is a man once reviled by the Right now celebrated by it as a hero? The answer partly lies in the fact that the mainstream Right has gradually moved to the left since King’s death. The influx of many neoconservative intellectuals, many of whom were involved in the civil rights movement, into the conservative movement also contributes to the King phenomenon.

We should all proudly and publicly celebrate Robert E. Lee Day. Let us remind our opponents whose South this really is!


Is the New Generation Savvy?

Not enough young people are signing on to the pyrami- er, ponz-, well, “redistributive, egalitarian, fun, go-lucky care-bear wonderland” that is the Affordable Care Act:

The new private health plans available under Obamacare drew in fewer young and healthy Americans than needed for the administration to make healthcare reform a market success in the first wave of enrollment, an official report showed on Monday….Younger enrollees tend to be healthy and are needed to help offset the cost of covering older, sicker consumers, because Obamacare prohibits insurers from charging sick people higher rates and limits the cost premium they can assign to older policyholders.

Wow. You mean only low-lifes and welfarians signed up for the socialist-style Obamacare? Utterly amazing. Even while ramping up the costs for insurance companies in an attempt to suck off buyers, they’re still having difficulty.

A federal mandate. That’s what it will take to keep these enemies-of-the-state from tanking an otherwise beautiful project.


Sodomite Stigma and Justified Apprehension

Reports are coming out of the Center for Disease Control that confirm what most people already know. Namely, that Sodomite men carry the greatest percentage of some terrible STDs:

Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM))a represent approximately 2% of the United States population, yet are the population most severely affected by HIV. In 2010, young MSM (aged 13-24 years) accounted for 72% of new HIV infections among all persons aged 13 to 24, and 30% of new infections among all MSM. At the end of 2010, an estimated 489,121 (56%) persons living with an HIV diagnosis in the United States were MSM or MSM-IDU.

Amazingly, in the same report the CDC briefly warns against “homophobia” and “stigma” which may affect the “physical and mental health” of Sodomites. How can one not be apprehensive when the data is shown? We must continue to warn against the harmful effects of this mar on society. While the physical damage of Sodomy is irreversible for now, the act itself, which one chooses to partake in, can be ended. Let us pray that more people agree in light of this new data.

States Did Try to Protect the Populace, But Were Overturned by the Fed

States did try to protect the populace, but were overturned by the Fed. Listed here are Sodomy laws struck down by the Supreme Court.


Happy Independence Day!


On the 11th of January, 2013, the State of Alabama seceded from the Union.

Alabamians have long possessed an ardent spirit that shows itself through the centuries. In the years preceding the War of 1861, William Lowndes Yancey established himself as the greatest fire-eater, or secessionist. This great Southron‘s words echo down to the modern day:

  To my countrymen of the South I have a few words here to say. Be true to your constitutional duties and rights. Be true to your own sense of right. Yield nothing of principle for mere party success—else you will die by the hands of your associates as surely as by the hand of your avowed enemy.

In years of horror following the war, Alabama continued to preserve it’s identity. One great Alabamian of this period was the Poet of the South, Father Abram Ryan.

20th Century Alabama has been the State most dedicated to halting the expansions of the Federal government. It was Alabama in the 1960s which recognised the encroachments of the Federals and put up fight more than any other. And it is the Alabama of today which, under the headship of our own Dr. Michael Hill, continues to strive for independence in the new age of Southern Nationalism.

Today St. Andrews News calls on all readers to invoke the name of Saint Andrew, our patron, to intercede for us to God that we might once again be free.