Alabama Enslaved

Alabama doesn’t understand slavery.

“We don’t talk very much in this state about slavery,” said the director of the Equal Justice Initiative, an organisation dedicated to “examin(ing) today’s history through the lens of America’s racial history.”

The EJI has obviously never attended public schooling, watched television, or read a newspaper in Alabama. Slavery is a mainstay in the minds of all. From Presidents to Priests, slavery is mentioned continually.

But the EJI is right in a way. Slavery does still exist. Southern Nationalists acknowledge that slavery still exists. And it is slavery in the South. But it is not slavery by the South, but the enslavement of the South to the Federal government in what Lysander Spooner called “political slavery.” Southerners, specifically Alabamians, have been denigrated and denounced by the same government that invaded our homes one hundred fifty years ago. We have been denied our dealings, defamed in our past, and opposed in everything for which we stand. Especially today, when the overlords of Washington D.C. are open about outright displacement of our people, the masses need to understand slavery.

They need to understand that the chains are already about their necks.


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