Shhhhhhhhhh. It’s a Secret

St. Andrew’s News is proud to inform readers on a mind-blowing fact: The Federal government never shut down.

‘What?’ you say. ‘Then why was I constantly being pounded by apocalyptic harridans from MSNBC, FOX, and CNN? You tell me a shut-down never occurred!’

Think a little while. What exactly shut down?

Federal police continued to patrol monuments and parks- only now with the express intent to keep citizens out.

Congress continued to meet.

Obama was still in the White House.

Federal employees were still getting paid (retroactively).

What DID shut down?

Well, Michelle Obama’s servants were only allowed to water her garden, not weed or prune, etc.

Really important stuff, that. In fact, the entire shut-dwon constituted only 17% of the the Federal government. That’s hardly a true shutdown. The battle waged by some Republicans, while admirable, was mainly for political points rather than truly driving for an honest-to-goodness, lights-out offline.

But, now that we’re on the tail-end of that magical hay ride, how exactly did our Representatives perform in this fight? Some good, others, not so.

Those opposing ending the “shut-down” were Senators Sessions and Shelby, and Reps. Brooks, Aderholt, Rogers, and Roby.

Voting for the bill were Terri Sewell and Spencer Bachus of the House.  The Constitution Party of Alabama said on Bachus’s’ vote:

Before he retires from office (REPUBLICAN) Rep. Spencer Bachus gave Alabama one last punch in the face and voted in favor of the compromise.

Senator Sessions statement on the vote:

They demanded yet another increase in the debt limit – without cutting one single penny of spending. They demanded the unfettered implementation of ObamaCare – a law that will add $6 trillion to the long-term debt while causing millions of hardworking people to lose their jobs and health plans, forced into part-time work that can’t support a family. And they even demanded that we spend above the Budget Control Act – a transparent effort to permanently bust federal spending caps.

How did alleged Conservative leader Boehner lean? To the Liberal side, of course:

 We’ve been locked into a fight over here, trying to bring government down to size, trying to do our best to stop Obamacare. We fought the good fight; we just didn’t win. There’s no reason for our members to vote ‘no’ today. (Emphasis Added)

That’s the type of stuff of which leaders are made! I wonder if Boehner is included in the Federal Employee raise come January. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn’t it?

This highlights the differences between Alabama and it’s Republican Party to that of the other States and the “national” Republican Party (headed by Yankees). The Northern and Pacific counterparts basically told Conservatives to “roll over and die.” Were this up to Alabama alone, HR 2775 would never have passed, or come close to passing. The shutdown would have been a real shutdown, with the Fed being derailed for quite some time. But the sectional differences are showing through in what one liberal called a “Confederate” plot. This gives us all the more reason to end the Fed here in Alabama and secede.

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