Are the Feds Cowards?

Note: The views herein are the author’s own.

Are the Feds cowards? Earlier this week, the White House and other faculty buildings were placed under lock-down. Police roamed the streets. Politicians were ushered to safety by armed personnel. The cause of the hysteria? A reckless driver.

That’s right. A reckless driver put the Federal capital into a frenzy. No AR-15s, no bombs, no Iranian WMDs- just a black Nissan Infiniti. The driver? Not a Jihadist, tea-partier, or enemy-of-the-state, but a dental hygienist from Connecticut.

Regardless of what this lady’s motivations were, it is quite startling to realise the scope of fear this caused in the District of Corruption. After the unarmed (I guess the car could be considered a weapon) but reckless black lady was killed, the House gave a standing ovation to the Federal police in D.C. The “Capitol Police” are not like Andy and Barney. Just for references sake, those “cops” look like this:


In Alabama, if someone is driving recklessly, they usually send 1 or 2 cop cars after them. But the Fed got 20 cop cars to chase this lady. Congress is trying hard to show gratitude to the police- each side trying to outdo the other. The liberals are already politicising this, using it as ammo against the shut-down.

Why so jumpy? Why the siege mentality in D.C.? Could it be that the Fed sees the populace as enemies? Militant police, no civilian guns, and hysteric politicians all  point to the answer. Such little trust we’ve come to accept, but this is getting ridiculous.

C. C.

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