Oh, Boy! Oh, Boy!


The NSA has chosen Auburn University as one of four colleges across the Federal Dominions that best displayed “Cyber Excellence.” It has now been designated an “NSA National Center of Academic Excellence.”  An Auburn Counselor for Cyber Affairs said he couldn’t be happier:

We are extremely pleased that NSA has recognized our efforts by selecting Auburn University for the program. It is important to the nation, and we want to be a part of the strategic way ahead and feel we can contribute to this national need

That’s because everyone wants to be recognised by an entity that routinely spied and lied to the people of the States and Congress. It’s like receiving an award in photography from a peeping tom- who in their right mind would take it? But, Federal Grants (see recycled taxpayer money) have a way of easing institutions’ morals.

According to Steven LaFountain, an NSA head, the rigorous examination of Auburn was very strict:

In the application process and in all of its work with selected schools, NSA emphasizes the importance of integrity and compliance

That’s right. The colleges had to be examined for integrity. They also had to be examined for compliance. It’s not like the NSA has ever shown either to the people.

So what does this exactly entail? LaFountain states it is to condition people

to operate as responsible citizens in the use of such (cyber) skills.

Translation: Keeping tabs on and brainwashing persons displaying great adeptness in computers.

Ironic that one of Auburn’s old football slogans was “Power to Dixie!” The War Eagle’s been caged.

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