The Egalitarian (And Stupid) ACLU



The ACLU has won a suit against the Alabama Department of Corrections as a Federal judge ruled in the organization’s favour. The ACLU sued the State on behalf of a group of HIV-carrying inmates who said their civil rights were being violated. Previously, inmates who tested HIV positive were separated, or segregated, for the safety of all persons in prison. That struck the ACLU as being somewhat unfair:

Alabama’s segregation policy … excludes Plaintiffs from a wide range of critically important prison programs and jobs, and denies them equal access to rehabilitative and community re-entry opportunities

Ignoring the fact that those same inmates carry a degenerative disease capable of infecting those they come in contact with through a variety of means, the ACLU continued it’s Progressive Jihad against the State. Eventually, they came before their big buddies, the Fed. How exactly did the Fed rule- in favour of common sense or blind equality? It turned out exactly as one would expect.

Today’s decision is historic. It spells an end to a segregation policy that has inflicted needless misery on Alabama prisoners with HIV and their families.

The Federal Judge even said in his statement:

It is evident that, while the ADOC’s categorical segregation policy has been an unnecessary tool for preventing the transmission of HIV, it has been an effective one for humiliating and isolating prisoners living with the disease,

But is this true? Is the segregation of inmates really unnecessary? Not according to the Federal Department of Health and Human Services:

In 2007 (the most recent year for which this information is available), the rate of confirmed AIDS cases among state and federal prisoners was about 2.4 times the rate in the general US population …. People who are incarcerated are at increased risk for acquiring and transmitting HIV and other infections.

The sooner Alabamians wake up and realise that lawsuits filed against the State by liberal, government-affiliated groups will never end in the State’s victory, the sooner we’ll be on the track to independence.

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