Joey Kennedy the Scallywag

joey-kennedy-scallywagJoey Kennedy, Pulitzer Prize winner and all around liberal, has come out against the South, particularly Alabama, in a recent article. While explaining the happenings at the famous Battle of Gettysburg, Mr. Kennedy makes the case that the South is stupid to continue fighting for what its ancestors did:

Now, 150 years later, we in the South still suffer a Civil War hangover. The South was not a good loser. And we’ve been kicking and screaming ever since, refusing to surrender to Lee’s complete surrender. Refusing to surrender to treating all with fairness, equality.

In a follow-up, Mr. Kennedy singles Alabama out among the Southern States:

And defeat? We know it in Alabama. We know it well. We fight. We fight hard. We dare defend our rights. And we lose. We’re not good losers.

Poland and a horde of Eastern European countries must have been suffering from a “hangover” themselves by keeping their culture alive while dreaming one day of independence. They should have, according to Mr. Kennedy, rolled over on their bellies like good lap-dogs. The same is to be said for the scores of secessionist organisations spanning the United States and Europe– poor sports, all around.

How was the South not a good loser, Mr. Kennedy? There are no instances of Confederate-sanctioned rape, arson, and murder like those committed by the Northern States and the Federal government. Rather, it was the North who was not a good winner. And we have been kicking and screaming because we are continually being beaten into submission by a Federal government which derides us as “racists, backwoods hicks, and idiots.” It’s policies have been against us. It’s meddling has not been to our benefit. It’s nefarious goals are nothing short of elimination of Southerners as a people.

Said General William T. “Total War” Sherman:

Until we can repopulate Georgia, it is useless to occupy it, but the utter destruction of it’s roads, houses, and people will cripple their military resources….I can make the march, and make Georgia howl.

And said Rep. Eleanor Norton (Dem- Wash. D.C.):

(T)he growth of the Hispanic population is going to mean the end of this section of this – this southern section white party of old men, and they know it…

The Federals have been very explicit in their efforts to displace the people of the South, Alabama especially, with their opposition to States enforcing existing immigration laws.

Mr. Kennedy: How about you treat the South with the same fairness and equality you show towards other peoples and support us in leaving this rotting “union”? It’s the least to expect from someone who claims to be an Alabamian.

The South will not rise again. At least, it will not rise again in the context of the conditions that existed prior to 1865.

Here, Mr. Kennedy is right- the South will not rise again in the same fashion which it did previously. And the ongoing displacement of Southrons assures us that the “conditions and context” will also be changed. But, rest assured Mr. Kennedy, we will rise with or without you. After all, who needs a scallywag?


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