AEA Sues Alabama


The Alabama Education Association has filed a lawsuit against the State of Alabama and its Alabama Accountability Act, alleging that “tax money” will be given to “religious schools.” The suit in part contends:

The AAA diverts taxpayer funds to religious schools through tax credits that pay for some or all of the cost of attending such schools, which are places of worship and ministries of the churches or other religious organizations that own, operate, sponsor, or control them

Hmmm. Let’s see. A PUBLIC Education Association suing the State because it allows citizens’ tax CREDITS to be used towards better schools- be they private or public. And the AAA is supposed to be infringing upon the citizens’ rights?

Who exactly is the AEA doing this for? It certainly isn’t the for the students or the families paying the teachers wages. And now they’ve locked arms with the SPLC in an effort to bring down our law.

Glad to know they have Alabama’s best interests at heart.

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