Let Them Eat Cake

The POTUS is acting more and more in an attitude that can best be attributed to a tyrant. A big-government, tradition-hating, anti-Christian, Jacobin tyrant.

 …in October, the First Lady told reporters that she hosted a “doggie play date” because “Bo (the Obama’s pet dog) doesn’t have enough dog interaction.”


Yes- this is what your “elected” government chooses to inform you about via whitehouse.gov- the well-being of their pets. Forget the illegal spying, censoring, and auditing of States’ citizens! Tell us more about your new dog!

In its official press statement about Sunny, the White House said it expected Bo to be a good big brother to Sunny and that the puppy was expected to spend time in the Oval Office with the President.

Obama’s dog Bo was also the subject of controversy when he rode on his own MV-22 Osprey helicopter, separate from the Obamas, to Martha’s Vineyard. But, hey, it’s all good! The President needed a second chopper anyway to haul all his personnel and golf clubs.

And people still have the audacity to mock King Louis XVI and others.


Note- The quote “Let them eat cake,” was never actually spoken by Queen Marie Antoinette, as is commonly ascribed, but by the wife of King Louis XIV, Marie-Therese.

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