Choice is Bad, Says SPLC


School choice apparently isn’t good enough for some people. The Southern Poverty Law Center is currently suing the State of Alabama in an effort to overturn the Alabama Accountability Act, which allows citizens to opt-out of failing schools and transfer to better schools, private or otherwise, with credits. But according to the SPLC, this idea of choice must be crushed:

…(T)he promise of the Alabama Accountability Act is an empty one…thousands of children in Alabama’s Black Belt, most of them African Americans below the poverty line, are trapped in failing schools and cannot take advantage of the Act…

According to the SPLC, if you’re on a sinking ship with only a few lifeboats, you should sink those lifeboats rather than take them. After all, we wouldn’t want anyone to be left behind, would we? Because those who are left behind don’t get a chance, we should deprive that chance of deliverance to others. It’s all sink and no safety.

The SPLC, whose self-proclaimed goal is to “fight hate and bigotry, and to seek justice for the most vulnerable members of society” has taken it upon themselves to overturn Alabamian law. They intend to do this by going to their comrades-in-ideology, the Federal government. And, considering the SPLC provides that same government with intelligence and “extremist training”, I wonder in whose favour the Fed will rule?

The SPLC’s suit, despite how idiotic, was expected here in Alabama. One State Senator, Bill Holtzclaw, said of the move:

 …(I)t’s not surprising with the SPLC and their track record

In 2012, the SPLC was responsible for inciting a man to go on a shooting spree at the headquarters of the Family Research Council, injuring a black security guard. The FRC, despite the damage the SPLC caused them, still remains on the SPLC “Hate Watch” list. That’s how hypocrites roll.

The comments on National Public Radio (better known as “Nanny-state Propaganda Repackaged”) echo the egalitarian SPLC. One commenter didn’t even try to hide his Communist views:

David Doser: Like all things that threaten the laziness and entitlement of inherited wealth GOP filth – the concept of a free and public education available equally to everyone regardless of birth circumstances makes them AFRAID and HATEFUL!

So remember: Choice of school must give way to an equal outcome -regardless of how badly it hurts students.


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