Bye, Bye, J.J. Jr.


Eventually, the duplicity of left-leaning race-baiters always comes out. Jesse Jackson, Jr., the poor man’s friend, has been convicted of misusing nearly 750,000 dollars worth of campaign funds. He has been sentenced to two years of prison, followed by 3 years of supervision and 500 hours of community service. His wife is to serve a one year prison sentence for her part in the matter.

According to, Jackson fought for the advancement through his writings and political career a

…series of constitutional amendments that would guarantee all Americans the right to vote, and the right to high quality education, health care, and housing.

Despite Jackson’s talk of supporting the poor, any effort he made against poverty was ultimately through government intervention and mommy-state welfare. His own money, whether stolen or otherwise, he kept for his own personal use. One-third of Jackson’s state of Illinois is said to be in poverty, but that was just something he could wail about to get more welfare money.

Jackson used his ill-gotten funds to buy an array of needless items, ranging from MLK, Jr., memorabilia to a Rolex watch, all while wailing about the poor, under-trodden classes. The prosecuting attorney noted that Jackson wasn’t even in financial difficulty:

They were in the top 10 percent of household earnings in the United States. There’s just no need for this kind of conduct

Jesse Jackson, Jr., certainly has had a good run, though. He co-chaired Obama’s 2008 presidential election, was rated 93% out of 100% by the ACLU, 100% by the NAACP, became buddy-buddy with Nelson Mandela, and wrote a book about achieving financial success.


Jackson was, by all accounts, a liberal poster-child. He was completely anti-Dixie. We here at St. Andrew’s News have highlighted some of his most memorable quotes:

President Obama tends to idealize — and rightfully so  — Abraham Lincoln, who looked at states in rebellion and he made a judgment that the government of the United States, while the states are in rebellion, still had an obligation to function…   –J.J. Jr., Nov., 2011

But to truly bring about greater equality of the races and the classes in our society, to establish minimum standards of human decency and civil rights protection, to improve the overall quantity and quality of all Americans’ lives. And to move individual Americans from economic need to economic security with greater human, religious, and spiritual development, the federal government must play a significant role to build a more perfect “Union.”   – J.J. Jr., Oct., 2001

Conservative Republicans and Democrats, with the cooperation of the media, have successfully painted “welfare” and “crime” as code words for African Americans. As a result the southern-oriented and conservative Democratic Leadership Council argues that the only way Democrats can become a permanent majority party is to show “responsibility on the fundamentals”–be fiscally conservative and tough on crime and welfare–and recruit suburbanites, the middle class, the more affluent and independent swing voters (whites implied on most counts). A further translation is: Let’s move away from the traditional Democratic base and the “special interests” of people of color, women, and labor.

Conservatives today openly talk about “block grants” and “local flexibility and control,” the new catchphrase replacing “states’ rights,” which, of course, was the old code word for protecting slavery, Jim Crow segregation and racial discrimination.  –J.J. Jr., Oct., 2001

I’m calling on President Barack Obama to honor his campaign commitment of 2008 to stand behind legislation that raises the minimum wage for the American people a little more than he requested in 2008 because the numbers and the economy reflect that $10 is not an unreasonable starting point…    –J.J. Jr., June, 2012

Saving and investing even small amounts, steadily over your lifetime, is the best way to create wealth. Trying to hit it big by winning the lottery is sheer nonsense. The chance of winning is infinitesimal.                                   – J.J. Jr., July, 1999

Interestingly, despite all of Jackson’s hatred towards Alabama, he still requested our country to be imprisoned in:

I ask for Alabama so I can be as far away from everybody for a while as I can be. I want to make it a little inconvenient for everybody to get to me

The irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

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