Victory in Birmingham

Judge J. Boohaker of Jefferson County has closed the “New Woman All Women” abortion facility in Birmingham, citing deplorable medical standards and a lack of licensing. The chief doctor there, Bruce Norman, has also been forbidden from ever again opening or running an abortion centre at the old NWAW location.

One Birmingham Pastor was elated at the news, but said that further action must be taken:

(T)he law has definitely been broken by Derzis and Norman, and we believe criminal charges should be filed against them. Though we are encouraged to see the state of Alabama taking action to close the doors of this facility, we will continue to pursue these issues with the Attorney General and other prosecutors. We also continue to pray for both Derzis’ and Norman’s conversion

Just last year, however, the Federal Government sided with Diana Derzis and Dr. Norman in a Mississippi case, forbidding that State from closing down their facility there. Let us pray that the matter here will be settled with this ruling.


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