Birmingham Abortion Clinic May be Closed

A judge is set to rule soon on whether an unlicensed abortion clinic in Birmingham will remain open. The “New Women All Women” facility has been cited for several health code violations by the Department of Health, but continues to operate. Doctor Bruce Norman, who previously had his license removed by the Department of Health, continues to perform abortions  at the NWAW, which is now considered by the state to be an unsafe facility.


Doctor Norman, when asked by the judge as to what his exact role is in the facility, responded that he only performed procedures “as part of the termination process.”

Dana Cody, who heads the Life Legal Defense Foundation, stated:

If Bruce Norman’s practices are so shoddy and he’s using substandard equipment how does he really know what he’s doing? This is one of the same things that came out in the Gosnell case… Gosnell didn’t follow state regulations and he ended up injuring and killing women. I really don’t understand why abortion providers get a free pass when it comes to regulation

The State of Alabama has continually tried to criminalise abortion, but the Federal government blocks all efforts. The Alabama Supreme Court acknowledged this when they stated in early 2013,

Today, the only major area in which unborn children are denied legal protection is abortion, and that denial is only because of the dictates of Roe (v. Wade)

How much longer will the innocent suffer before Alabama decides that the Federal government is an immoral entity incapable of reform?

Secede for the survival of the innocent.

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