Sacrilege from Abortionists

In Chile, a pro-abortion mob stormed a Catholic Church during a Mass. They performed a variety of evils we’ve come to expect from that crowd:

The vandals tore out pews and carried them out into the street, destroyed a confessional, threw trash and spray-painted some of the altars and images with blasphemous texts and pro-abortion phrases, one of which read: “Mary wanted to abort.”


The mob itself was composed of the usual mix of lowlifes, many of whom were topless. They carried banners of babies on a field of blood, an almost ironic acknowledgement of what they were supporting. The Cathedral’s Monsignor explained that

people…climbed on the altars, they got undressed, took off their pants…this is called sacrilege.


Not to be outdone in their irreverence, the mob preceded to drag pews from the Church into the streets to be used as barricades against the police. The laity confronted the mob, locking their arms and preventing them access to the Main Altar. Among the faithful defending against the mob was the mayor of Santiago. At length they

 finally succeeded along with the security of the Cathedral to pressure the abortionists out of the cathedral.


The numbers of the mob vary, with some estimating that as many as 300 persons took part in the desecrating attack. Out of this, only two arrests have thus far been made.

The pro-life President of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, condemned the mob, pointing out their hypocrisy:

They’re not tolerant and are contradicting their own views.

President Piñera has been a staunch advocate of the unborn in Chile. Earlier this year, he praised an 11-year old’s decision to keep her baby, despite the circumstances surrounding it’s conception.

Abortionists in Texas have also tallied up a long list of abuses and absurdities. With behaviour such as this displayed, it seems the murderers evils will continue to grow.


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