Alabama News Now Overseen by Non-Alabamian

The news today has an obvious bias to it. Large conglomerates- mainly operating out of the wealthy sectors of the Northeast- snatch up the small news outlets. Today, there is very little, if any, newspaper in Alabama that is actually owned by an Alabamian. Gone are the days of William Lowndes Yancey (a Southron who owned his own newspaper, the Wetumpka Argus).

It has been announced that a Michigan man is to be placed as President over a slew of historically Alabamian newspapers and websites, most notably the Mobile Press-Register:

As president, Sharp will oversee the operations of Alabama Media Group, which includes, The Birmingham News, the Press-Register in Mobile, The Huntsville Times, the Mississippi Press and

The former employer of Sharp, Michiganer Dan Gaydou, stated:

Matt’s passion and vision will be a win for Alabama…He enjoys people, thrives on creativity and innovation and knows how to lead with his friendly, outgoing personality. I’m sure the people of Alabama will learn quickly what a terrific asset he’ll be.

Some readers didn’t seem so optimistic, and pointed out the absurdity of the move:

slagheapvillager: Second key hire that knows nothing about the area and has no ties to the state. 

tidesinn: We have no say, and he will do as he is instructed. He is just another media enemy of the state, like most members of the Media.

coastal: Based on the leftward tilt of and Joey Kennedy given the freedom to trash everything that is the State of Alabama, is Mr. Sharp a Communist, Socialist, or just a Progressive Democrat? It’s obvious moderates and conservatives are not welcome on staff or management.

Eugene T. Chiznik: Welcome Matt: now learn the numbers:
1-9-6-3. your all set for your job now.


What is needed today are reliable, first-hand accounts by newspapers and websites, staffed and operated by Alabamians who have a true desire to see their country flourish and prosper. Perhaps in the future that will come about. Until then, we at St. Andrews’ News are always here, trying to do our best.

Note: If you have not done so already, check out and

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