Ondray Harris: Man of the Month


Ondray Harris has taken a stand against the Department of Justice. The former director of “Community Relations Services,” Mr. Harris has stated that the CRS is nothing more than a front for liberals and anti-white groups:

I became even more concerned as Battles (Regional Director) and others would openly share their extremely pro-minority [views] at the expense of the majority views. I felt such views compromised implementing the CRS mandate.

The majority to which Mr. Harris refers is the white core of the United States, the primary culture. Minority views, as Mr. Harris exposes, are given the greatest treatment over the host culture. Because of his Federal employees’ behaviour, Mr. Harris was forced on a regular basis

to warn or take corrective action against career employees for acting as advocates instead of mediators.

Mr. Harris also notes that,

In some cases, this is the U.S. government taking a stand against some people

So the Federal government, is, according to an insider, taking an anti-white stand at the behest of liberal partisans who influence the government from within. But a “conservative” president would change all that, right? A Mitt Romney that will ride in and roll back all the abuses and corruption? Not according to Mr. Harris:

That’s not going to change regardless of what political party controls the White House

That’s why secession is the only clear way to get out from underneath an unreformable Federal government.

Ondray Harris is certainly a brave man. For that, he gets St. Andrew’s News “Man of the Month.”

Unfortunately for Mr. Harris, he is most likely considered a whistle-blower by the Fed. And we know what happens to whistle-blowers.


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