Senator: Being Against Obama or the Fed Makes You Racist

Alabama’s Democratic  Senator Vivian Davis Figures has stated that the GOP Party is “racist.” How comes she by this conclusion? Because of Alabamians opposition to Obama’s big-government policies:

It seems to me that once Obama was elected we started hearing the Republicans attack him on almost everything he tried to do, especially in health care

But Sen. Figures is wrong- true conservatives dislike Obama not because of ethnicity, but because of his mandates and programs. A Conservative Party should be expected to go against non-conservative ideas- especially government health care.

small_vivian figures pic

The Senator continues:

We started hearing Republicans in office and Republicans running for office attacking the federal government, charging the federal government had suddenly become intrusive in our lives, that it was overreaching into our places of business and into our homes. And with every charge they made they used Obama’s name.

Again, the Senator misses the point. Conservatives should be expected to go against big government, especially at the Federal level. Many people do charge Obama with wrongdoing – and he is responsible as the head of the Federal government. But the Federal government itself is also corrupt, minus the President. Obama has just accelerated and made apparent the deficiencies that were already present.

The Senator’s conclusion:

I think it’s racism. At its core I just do

The charge of racism is a good way to smear enemies. This has happened recently to the national Republican Party, whose leaders have embraced cultural suicide for the sake of getting out from underneath the word, and Jack Hunter, who recants his previous convictions because they aren’t pleasing the liberal media. Sen. Figures is attempting to do that here in Alabama, undoubtedly to gain media sympathy while detracting from her “racist” opponents (namely, Sen. Jeff Sessions).

Senator Figures is apparently unaware of her her own States history, as she states that Alabama remained silent on the liberal policies of past Presidents. The Alabama GOP reminded Senator Figures that

Alabama opposes the liberal policies being put in place by Obama’s administration, especially the so-called Affordable Care Act. We opposed the same measure when Bill Clinton pushed it in the 1990’s when it was referred to as “Hillarycare.’ Senator Figures would be well served to pay more attention to history…We don’t vote for our elected officials based on race, but based on their policies

The Alabama GOP demanded an apology from Senator Figures, who responded

I will apologize for nothing I said on Tuesday evening,

But a liberal never has to apologise. Figures.PompousIdiot


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