Girl to be Raised As Boy



Right is right and left is left, and never the two shall meet. A young girl in Maryland has been and is going to be raised as if she were a boy.  At the age of two, the family said they noted the young girl displayed more boyish qualities. At the age of four, the parents decided to “change” the sex their child was, and raise her to identify as being a male. The parents continue to defend their position, even referring to their girl in the male form:

If Tyler wants to be Kathryn again, that’s fine. But right now, this works. He’s happy. I just want my child to be happy

Now the problem here is not so much the child- children, after all, haven’t fully matured, and rely on parents to guide them. The problem is the parents’ refusal to proclaim what their child is- a girl. Even if Kathryn wants to be a boy, she can never be one. The parents should explain this to her. Instead, they act as if this is a good thing, and actively reinforce this outlandish and unnatural idea. One wonders if this was even begun by the child herself, or implanted by  the parents.

How will this child function in life? Will she use the male’s bathroom? Will she sit in male’s classrooms? Will she swim topless? How will she go about as a girl in the role of a boy at such a young age? Not only will this have physiological effects on the child, but the parents are even considering physically changing her:

When Tyler begins to show the first signs of puberty, his parents will have to decide whether to begin giving him puberty blockers to stop his woman’s body developing.

This is not the first time “sex-change” methods have been used on the young and impressionable. One “specialist” stated his nefarious methods:

I bet I could go to any fourth or fifth-grade class, cut the hair of the boys, put earrings on various kids, change their clothing, and we could send all those kids off to the opposite-gender bathrooms and nobody would say boo. We can do wonders if we can get them early

Some even consider plastic surgery to remove the evidence of their sex. One Doctor, Paul McHugh, pointed out the faults of this line of thought:

We psychiatrists, I thought, would do better to concentrate on trying to fix their minds and not their genitalia

One Californian, Sarah Yang, said that she believed herself a boy when she was a child, also:

If anyone could claim that they were ‘born this way,’ it was me,” said Yang, who now says she is happily married to a man. “I thought I had no choice but to either get surgery or continue dating women as a man trapped in a girl’s body.  “I became suicidal not because of societal pressures or lack of understanding or acceptance from others, but because I personally didn’t want to live this way, because it was a detrimental and painful lifestyle and no one offered me any other choice or option but to be this way.

According to  studies, almost half of persons who identify as belonging to the opposite sex between the age of 18 and 24 will attempt suicide.




Liberals have a great disdain for Christianity , they profess, because it is illogical and lacks evidence. But they seem to have no problem calling a girl a boy, even though all evidence in the world supports the girl as being an unchangeable girl. When will the madness all end?

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