Gov. Bentley: Alabama GOP Needs to be “More Diverse”

It’s bad enough when the National Grand Old Party is against its core voting block – white Southerners- but when it’s on a State level, it reaches a whole new low. Governor Bentley is now calling on the new generation of Republicans to embrace diversity:

We need an infusion of folks who aren’t just us old, white men and women


While reaching out to non-white voters is admirable, to create a dramatic change in the makeup of a party along the lines the Governor is suggesting is lunacy. Does the Alabama GOP need non-white voters? Alabama itself is predominately white at 70%, with blacks at 26%  and hispanics at 4%. In order to create a party encompassing a majority other than white persons, the European core of Alabama would have to be decreased significantly. The greatest method, and one that has worked increasingly since 1960, is displacement by foreign peoples. But, according to the Census Bureau,

Only five states—Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, South Carolina, and West Virginia—had a lower percentage of races other than White in 2000 than in 1950.
Alabama, unlike other areas such as California, has resisted efforts to alter the make-up of the State. If things were left as they are, Alabamian culture would continue on as it is into the conceivable future.
Should the Alabama GOP welcome non-white voters? Of course, it would be idiotic to deny probable voters based on race. True conservatives- men in the mold of Walter Williams and H.K. Edgerton are a boon to any cause.But Bentley’s words signal a discomforting shift from the anti-illegal immigration Governor to more of a Lindsey Graham type figure, who repeatedly has sold out his Carolinian base in favour of progressive displacement. There may come a time when all Alabamian culture is overwhelmed with peoples who cannot properly integrate, such as with large amounts of illegal immigration. What then happens to the GOP?
The Governor may not realize it, but his words are eerily similar to Rep. Norton’s (Dem- Washington, D.C.) who stated:

the growth of the Hispanic population is going to mean the end of this section of this – this southern section white party of old men, and they know it,

An attempt at prostrating yourself before other voters will likely be seen as a sign of party weakness- alienating the GOP bloc and stiffening opponents’ resolve. Mr. Bentley made clear, however, that in doing so Republicans should not abandon their “economic” principles. As if that is all that matters.


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