More Vulgarity from Abortionists

The Mob of Tolerance strikes again!

If you think the pro-“choice” protestors in Texas couldn’t stoop to a new low after their long list of abuses, you were wrong. The Texas Department of Public Safety has recently stated that 18 bottles of feces, 3 bottles of paint, 1 bottle of urine, and “significant quantities” of  glitter and women’s bathroom products have been discovered and removed from the Texas State House. Undoubtedly these products were to be used against conservative members of Texas’ government.

Abortionist activists also destroyed a room in the Capital Building, requiring a complete refurbishment.

But, the measures of intimidation fail, because as Brad Matte said, you don’t mess with Texas:

First of all, Texans don’t take kindly to this sort of behavior. Second, the Governor and pro-life members of the Legislature were absolutely and unwaveringly determined not to let these thugs trash their cherished building and democracy.


But as long as Texas is attached to a Federal government which encourages and subsidizes for this type of illicit behaviour, the insanity will continue.

Check out the Texas League of the South and the Texas Nationalist Movement’s efforts to make Texas independent!





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