Birmingham to Host Sodomite Blood Drive

That’s right, everyone! Call out the kids! Birmingham is going to host a Sodomite blood drive! The goal: overturn the FDA’s ban on homosexual men being able to give blood at blood drives.


Now why would they prohibit Sodomite men from giving blood? Maybe it’s because their AIDS rate is 50 times higher than the average male’s? Nah. That’s just “homophobic” talk.

Some online comments didn’t hear that memo, however:

R: Yeah, I guess they want us to ignore statistics on gay men…Hepatitis, AIDS, and other blood-borne pathogens. Sorry dudes, but statistics tell the truth. Far too many in your crowd engage in risky behavior–behavior that precludes their giving blood.

Andy: Gay activists care little about statistics, or diseases, it appears. This is just one more attempt to jam “being gay is normal” down our throats. Talk about eroding trust in the blood supply.

Coming soon to a hospital near you…


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