Strength Beyond All Comparison

One 11 year old Chilean has displayed more compassion, understanding, strength, sacrifice, and love than any person could fathom. She was accosted and raped by her step-father, but has declared that she wishes to keep the baby born from that man’s sin. She stated:

She’s going to be like a doll that I’m going to have in my arms, but well, I am going to love her a lot, no matter what – even if she is from that man who hurt me

These words cut like burning iron through the ranks of the abortionists, who cannot fathom why anyone would wish to be “punished” (as President Obama said) with a baby. But this little girl understands what sacrifice is about -and inadvertently bringing about a good out of evil. Has this stopped the Gosnellians? No. Former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has stated that the child should be forcibly aborted, calling the little girl a person

who needs to be protected, and therefore I believe that the option of a therapeutic abortion, in this case for rape, would be appropriate

The sitting Chilean President, however, made clear the message of his administration:

We are going to defend Belen (pseudo name given to the little girl) and hold the guilty responsible with the same intensity. We must say that our government defends the life of the unborn. We defend life from conception to death

The good sir Sebastian Pinera also had the great character to brave the modernist atmosphere of both Chilean and global politics, praising the little girl’s decision:

Yesterday [Belen] surprised us all with words that demonstrated depth and maturity when she said that despite the pain that the man who had raped her had caused, she was going to love and care for her newborn

The ordeal has made these two persons – the little Saint and the Great Leader- shine forth through all the deathly murk that has encompassed the world. Their example is a bulwark to all.

Post Script: President Sebastian Pinera received the 1st International Right to Life Award on behalf of the people of Chile’s efforts to end abortion – which is illegal without exception. Chile also currently has the lowest maternal mortality rate of all Latin American nations.

Pinera_Obama Presidents Pinera and Obama.

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