State Guards Get Cut, Feds Remain

While military cuts should be implemented, it’s curious that only the State Guards were affected. Maj. Gen. Gus L. Hargett Jr. of the National Guard Association notes:

The Pentagon exempted in the name of military readiness all other uniformed personnel from furloughs due to automatic budget cuts, yet curiously extended no such protections to a nearly 50,000-member force critical to National Guard readiness.

We’ve heard it said many times that withdrawing from the Union would affect jobs here in Alabama, especially military jobs, more negatively than remaining in the Union. Times are so bad, however, that nearly 20,000 Guard-affiliated positions across the State of Alabama are to be cut or furloughed. While a military centred economy is not healthy, and the National Guards have increasingly become pawns of D.C., the Federal government should at least have the decency to cut all across the board.

But then, management isn’t one of the Feds strengths.




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