Liberal Admits Displacement is Occuring

Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (Dem- Wash. D.C.) recently admitted that displacement of the culture of Dixie is occurring and that she is glad of it. From the Blaze:

“You got to watch out because Texas is — when Texas goes full-blown…the Republicans better have it good now because they are not long for this world,” Norton said in June 28 comments on PBS discussing the legislative fight over abortion in the state.

“Meaning what?” the moderator prompted.

“Meaning that the growth of the Hispanic population is going to mean the end of this section of this – this southern section white party of old men, and they know it,” Norton said.

Rep. Norton displays her blatantly anti-white bias. She explicitly points out that the “southern section” of the “white party of old men” is going to be eroded by the displacement-cultural genocide- of conservative Southerners with liberal Hispanics.


But remember, stopping illegal immigration to protect your own culture makes you a racist, even if a lib admits displacement is a goal.

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