Progressive War on Marriage

Via the rebellionblog:

A number of southern states, from Alabama to West Virginia, could be waiting multiple decades until a majority of residents is willing to support same-sex marriage. I’d expect most, if not all, of the south to be in favor by 2030-2040. Before this point, however, any legalization of same-sex marriage in these states is going to have to come from federal intervention. Almost certainly, that will need to come from another supreme court decision dictating that marriage equality must become the law of the land nationwide. That decision, if and when it comes, will arrive despite “the will of the people” in much of the south.   –Harry Enten of the Guardian News

Though most displayed rampant anti-South, anti-Christian hatred, some comments display a good understanding of the hypocrisy of the sure-to-come move and its effects:

Charloch: There are competing views of rights. Different paradigms. What privileges your’s over mine or others? And are what constitute human rights really to be defined by the opinions of supreme courts? Five individuals dictating morality. Excuse me if I look to a far higher authority for mine. And as a postscript, aren’t we reminded incessantly that gay rights are the ‘will of the people’ in their justification? Really, you can’t have it both ways.

LakerFan: More than a few people predict the decline and break-up of the US before 2040 (a la the USSR). Whatever “Stans arise after that point, and their regulations on this issue, is anyone’s guess.

So what choices are there? Stay in the Union and have black-robed deities dictate our morality, or leave and follow a greater calling?






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