St. Andrew’s News Exclusive- Governor Bentley Discusses Job Growth

St. Andrew’s News first exclusive news clip. Here, a citizen discusses job growth in Monroeville, Alabama, during the Governor’s visit on the 30th of July, 2013.


Yankee Arrogance

Yankees from Wisconsin are currently telling Alabamians that they cannot host a “prayer caravan.” They state that allowing prayer will

alienate non-religious members of the Cullman County Schools community and inject religion into what should be a secular public school system.

The Wisconsin-based organisation’s name says it all: Freedom From Religion. Secularism translates into atheism. No religions are to be allowed, no matter how overwhelming the support is for public prayer.

Just another reason to leave this failing Union before it’s too late.


Whether a Baby Lives is Based on “Feeling”


In a rare insight to the skewed abortionist mind, Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC made a startling admission: a baby should only be considered a baby if the parents have feeling for it.

When does life begin? I submit the answer depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents. – See more at:

When does life begin? I submit the answer depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents.

Modernism- the culmination of all heresies- has been at work for the past centuries attempting to undermine and overthrow any idea of absolutes. Thus, what is clearly a baby is not considered a baby for another, just for the mere fact that there is no universal right and man designs his own truths.

But the logical extension of such thought is itself mind-boggling. What of old persons, who are no longer as sprite and collected as they once were? This type of argument- that the feeling of “wanting” something is the end to itself, throws any sense of duty or responsibility out the window. This will inevitably lead not only to infanticide, but euthanasia.

Miss Harris-Perry displays her ignorance of science as well, when she states that protection of human life is “not science.” But according to biologist Scott Gilbert, a thing is always that certain thing regardless of the stage of life.

“Traditional ways of classifying catalog animals according to their adult structure. But, as J. T. Bonner (1965) pointed out, this is a very artificial method, because what we consider an individual is usually just a brief slice of its life cycle. When we consider a dog, for instance, we usually picture an adult. But the dog is a “dog” from the moment of fertilization of a dog egg by a dog sperm. It remains a dog even as a senescent dying hound. Therefore, the dog is actually the entire life cycle of the animal, from fertilization through death.”

Miss Harris-Perry then goes on to state the obvious:

An unwanted pregnancy can be biologically the same as a wanted one. But the experience can be entirely different.

Thus does she explain what pro-lifers have already known: that some babies are allowed to continue to live, while others are murdered in the womb. Both cases see babies at the same stage of human development, but the outcome is horrifically different. This is one reason that the media has been so silent on the Gosnell trial, for it would expose the errors of abortion.

If you would like to know what an abortion is like:

Melissa Harris-Perry
Melissa Harris-Perry
Melissa Harris-Perry

Alabama News Now Overseen by Non-Alabamian

The news today has an obvious bias to it. Large conglomerates- mainly operating out of the wealthy sectors of the Northeast- snatch up the small news outlets. Today, there is very little, if any, newspaper in Alabama that is actually owned by an Alabamian. Gone are the days of William Lowndes Yancey (a Southron who owned his own newspaper, the Wetumpka Argus).

It has been announced that a Michigan man is to be placed as President over a slew of historically Alabamian newspapers and websites, most notably the Mobile Press-Register:

As president, Sharp will oversee the operations of Alabama Media Group, which includes, The Birmingham News, the Press-Register in Mobile, The Huntsville Times, the Mississippi Press and

The former employer of Sharp, Michiganer Dan Gaydou, stated:

Matt’s passion and vision will be a win for Alabama…He enjoys people, thrives on creativity and innovation and knows how to lead with his friendly, outgoing personality. I’m sure the people of Alabama will learn quickly what a terrific asset he’ll be.

Some readers didn’t seem so optimistic, and pointed out the absurdity of the move:

slagheapvillager: Second key hire that knows nothing about the area and has no ties to the state. 

tidesinn: We have no say, and he will do as he is instructed. He is just another media enemy of the state, like most members of the Media.

coastal: Based on the leftward tilt of and Joey Kennedy given the freedom to trash everything that is the State of Alabama, is Mr. Sharp a Communist, Socialist, or just a Progressive Democrat? It’s obvious moderates and conservatives are not welcome on staff or management.

Eugene T. Chiznik: Welcome Matt: now learn the numbers:
1-9-6-3. your all set for your job now.


What is needed today are reliable, first-hand accounts by newspapers and websites, staffed and operated by Alabamians who have a true desire to see their country flourish and prosper. Perhaps in the future that will come about. Until then, we at St. Andrews’ News are always here, trying to do our best.

Note: If you have not done so already, check out and

Ondray Harris: Man of the Month


Ondray Harris has taken a stand against the Department of Justice. The former director of “Community Relations Services,” Mr. Harris has stated that the CRS is nothing more than a front for liberals and anti-white groups:

I became even more concerned as Battles (Regional Director) and others would openly share their extremely pro-minority [views] at the expense of the majority views. I felt such views compromised implementing the CRS mandate.

The majority to which Mr. Harris refers is the white core of the United States, the primary culture. Minority views, as Mr. Harris exposes, are given the greatest treatment over the host culture. Because of his Federal employees’ behaviour, Mr. Harris was forced on a regular basis

to warn or take corrective action against career employees for acting as advocates instead of mediators.

Mr. Harris also notes that,

In some cases, this is the U.S. government taking a stand against some people

So the Federal government, is, according to an insider, taking an anti-white stand at the behest of liberal partisans who influence the government from within. But a “conservative” president would change all that, right? A Mitt Romney that will ride in and roll back all the abuses and corruption? Not according to Mr. Harris:

That’s not going to change regardless of what political party controls the White House

That’s why secession is the only clear way to get out from underneath an unreformable Federal government.

Ondray Harris is certainly a brave man. For that, he gets St. Andrew’s News “Man of the Month.”

Unfortunately for Mr. Harris, he is most likely considered a whistle-blower by the Fed. And we know what happens to whistle-blowers.


The More He Talks…


… The more John McCain sounds like Barack Hussein Obama. His latest quip?

…The “Stand Your Ground” Law may need to be reviewed by the Florida legislature…it’s very controversial legislation

Why is this man even called a “conservative”?

Senator: Being Against Obama or the Fed Makes You Racist

Alabama’s Democratic  Senator Vivian Davis Figures has stated that the GOP Party is “racist.” How comes she by this conclusion? Because of Alabamians opposition to Obama’s big-government policies:

It seems to me that once Obama was elected we started hearing the Republicans attack him on almost everything he tried to do, especially in health care

But Sen. Figures is wrong- true conservatives dislike Obama not because of ethnicity, but because of his mandates and programs. A Conservative Party should be expected to go against non-conservative ideas- especially government health care.

small_vivian figures pic

The Senator continues:

We started hearing Republicans in office and Republicans running for office attacking the federal government, charging the federal government had suddenly become intrusive in our lives, that it was overreaching into our places of business and into our homes. And with every charge they made they used Obama’s name.

Again, the Senator misses the point. Conservatives should be expected to go against big government, especially at the Federal level. Many people do charge Obama with wrongdoing – and he is responsible as the head of the Federal government. But the Federal government itself is also corrupt, minus the President. Obama has just accelerated and made apparent the deficiencies that were already present.

The Senator’s conclusion:

I think it’s racism. At its core I just do

The charge of racism is a good way to smear enemies. This has happened recently to the national Republican Party, whose leaders have embraced cultural suicide for the sake of getting out from underneath the word, and Jack Hunter, who recants his previous convictions because they aren’t pleasing the liberal media. Sen. Figures is attempting to do that here in Alabama, undoubtedly to gain media sympathy while detracting from her “racist” opponents (namely, Sen. Jeff Sessions).

Senator Figures is apparently unaware of her her own States history, as she states that Alabama remained silent on the liberal policies of past Presidents. The Alabama GOP reminded Senator Figures that

Alabama opposes the liberal policies being put in place by Obama’s administration, especially the so-called Affordable Care Act. We opposed the same measure when Bill Clinton pushed it in the 1990’s when it was referred to as “Hillarycare.’ Senator Figures would be well served to pay more attention to history…We don’t vote for our elected officials based on race, but based on their policies

The Alabama GOP demanded an apology from Senator Figures, who responded

I will apologize for nothing I said on Tuesday evening,

But a liberal never has to apologise. Figures.PompousIdiot