Miss Alabama and the New South

Miss Alabama (that intellectual heavyweight) recently weighed in on the Federal government’s NSA scandal. When asked if the move by the Fed is a breach of our rights or a necessary measure against terrorism, Miss Alabama replied:

I think the society that we live in today it’s sad that, if we go to the movies or to the airport or even to the mall, that we have to worry about our safety. So I would rather someone track my telephone messages and feel safe wherever I go than feel they’re encroaching on my privacy.

Now, while the dear lady obviously meant well, she played a Neocon/lib card. “For the good of society,” becomes the cry of government intervention in these matters and others, while protection of babies from abortion or instilling the government with Christian character is treated as unacceptable. And, while she chooses to give up her rights in the matter, that does not mean others should. Their voluntary submission does not make it justifiable in the case of others.

The situation of her fearing for her safety in the movies, airports, and malls could be solved by concealing a firearm on her person. But, the removal of citizens’ firearms is another “good of society” progressive measure.

The whole ordeal is reminiscent of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Children of Hurin.” Flinding go-Fuilin returned with Turin to his ancestral home, only to find changed- a police state, if you will.

Flinding the faithful, the far wanderer,

though form and face fires of anguish

and bitter bondage, Balrogs’ torment,

have seared and twisted, for a song of welcome

had hoped in his heart at that home-coming

that he dreamed of long in dark labour.

Are these deep places to dungeons turned,

a lesser Angband in the land of the Gnomes?

(Verses 1910- 1917)

Eventually, if you lack common sense, the methods you create to solve problems can become greater than the problems themselves.


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