Feds Declare War on Syria

 The Federal government’s prying into matters that do not concern us has continued on much as it has in the past. This time the hotspot is the nation of Syria. The Obama Administration has decided that, in light of what it says to be Assad’s use of chemical weapons in Syria against the populace, it will

increase the scope and scale of assistance that we provide to the opposition, including direct support to the (rebel Supreme Military Council). These efforts will increase going forward

Not that the Federal government wasn’t desperately trying to intervene in Syria even before this “chemical weapon attack” conveniently happens. And with their useful little Neoconservatives like Graham and McCain, the Fed will most certainly get it’s way. McCain has been very outspoken, calling for intervention, but his logic is somewhat flawed:

This isn’t just a bunch of demonstrators being beaten up. This a regional conflict. It spilled over. Jordan is destabilized, Lebanon is about to erupt into sectarian violence, jihadists are falling in from all over the Middle East. This is erupting….The goal is to end the war. And the only way this war is going to end quickly and on our terms is to neutralize the air assets that Assad enjoys

 So McCain acknowledges that there are Jihadists in the mixed-up, no-one-can-tell-who-they-are camp. But he wants to back that same camp. And his answer to end a war that Assad is currently winning? Send in the States’ soldiers to create a no-fly zone in favour of the Jihadists:

We can stop the planes from flying. We can shoot planes down without having one boot on the ground.

Didn’t we try and fail to keep boots off the ground in Libya? And Syria boasts a much better air force than the desert nation of Libya.

To see how far the Republican Party has fallen, one need only compare their overwhelming support of the Jihadists with the Democrats overwhelming support of the Jihadists:

R-Mich, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers: The United States should assist the Turks and our Arab League partners to create safe zones in Syria from which the U.S. and our allies can train, arm, and equip vetted opposition forces

D-NY, Rep. Eliot Engel: What more does the civilized world need in order to come to the aid of the Syrian people who want to rid themselves of this monster?…the United States must provide appropriate arms to those in Syria fighting for their lives and freedom. Further delay is not an option.

 A famous Alabamian once remarked on there being very little difference between the parties. That’s why I support the League of the South and the Constitution Party. But, if all else fails, there’s always Russia.



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