Planned Parenthood on the War March

The PP is once again out seeking blood, not just that of babies, but of the government of Alabama. It, along with its useful idiot the ACLU, seeks to overturn an Alabamian law that restricts which doctors may carry out an abortion. The ACLU believes the Alabama law will close 3 out of 5 abortion centres in the State.

Not surprisingly, this has gotten the PPs a little upset:

We are in court to protect a woman’s ability to make her own personal, private, health-care decisions…

Too bad the baby can’t say the same thing. They’re sort of defenseless, like old people. Said another PPer, the law

would unconstitutionally restrict the ability of Alabama women, including victims of rape and incest to access safe and legal abortions

One comment put it perfectly:

Richard: I read the constitution and it says nothing about abortion.

Please, Mr. Richard, it takes seasoned professionals and “black-robed deities” to interpret the Constitution. I mean, heck, the Founding Fathers didn’t want a governmental document the average man could understand, did they? And what of the Alabama Constitution, our Constitution? Does it take back-burner to the General Constitution?

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