Sessions backs Alabamians

Sen. Sessions has recently come out against the “Gang of Eight” immigration “reform” bill. He states that,

Far from improving the immigration system, their 1,000-page proposal would exacerbate many of its flaws. It would dangerously undermine future enforcement while imposing substantial burdens on taxpayers and taking jobs and pay from U.S. workers.

Not only would Alabama jobs be lost to those persons entering the country illegally, but Sen. Sessions also points out that:

About 11 million immigrants who are here illegally — which includes 4 million who have overstayed their visas — would receive … Social Security numbers and access to state and local benefits within six months of passage.

And, just in case you think it couldn’t get any worse, the good Senator notes that

the bill allows the Homeland Security secretary, under certain conditions, to grant it (legal status) to gang members; those with major misdemeanor criminal convictions (including felonies pleaded to misdemeanors) for serious crimes, including drug offenses, sexual abuse and prostitution; those with arrest records of any length; fugitives from deportation orders; or those who have been deported and illegally reentered.

Senator Sessions- maybe the first President/Governor of a Free Alabama?

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